Ask Laia: Why Are Maternity Clothes The WORST?

"Do you have any suggestions on what the breeders out there can wear that won't make them look like, well, moms?"

Hi Laia!

I'm four months pregnant, which means I'm finally starting to look pregnant, and not just like I need to lay off the PBR. So, yay me! Unfortunately, this means I am hitting the point where I can't wear a lot of my clothes anymore, and my forays into maternity stores have been nightmarish. I'm 24, not 35, so these stores really just don't cater to my fashion sensibilities, which probably don't have a name, but are some weird goth/hipster hybrid. I did buy that awesome eggs/bacon shirt you shared on an ASK LAIA post a few weeks ago, and it's hilariously ridiculous for a pregnant lady to wear, but I can't be hilariously ridiculous ALL the time. Do you have any suggestions on what the breeders out there can wear that won't make them look like, well, moms, and won't have me breaking the bank for something I can't wear anymore after December?


Maternity MOTO Baxter Jean $80, Topshop

Thanks for writing in Lanna (and for supporting a hilarious bacon n' eggs shirt). This totally sounds like a nightmare, and one that I am not fully ready to even begin to think about BUT I think we can make this work. Perhaps you want to start with assessing which pieces of your regular wardrobe are the ones you want to carry over to your new, temporary life. For example, if your weird goth/hipster hybrid style includes black jeans, then you may want to get a pair of black maternity jeans or maybe even the little elastic band that help your pants stay up even when they are unbuttoned. I feel like I remember seeing another kind of band once that you hook up into the zipper part of your jeans so you can keep wearing your regular jeans during your pregnancy but I couldn't find it online. Leggings are also an important part of a maternity wardrobe, so you should indulge fully in the freedom of leggings and an oversized shirt. This could be a cool band shirt you've had in your closet forever and haven't gotten around to DIY-ing, or perhaps you're into the oversized slouchy button-down idea. If there aren't any cool ones in the ladies' department, be sure to check out menswear for a bigger, cooler selection.

Maternity White Grandad Blouse $70, Topshop

A couple of the cool online stores like ASOS and Topshop have Maternity departments which many times include styles made for the non-expectant market. Definitely troll these websites all the time for when you're tired of dressing in basics and comfy oversized pieces. I found some really great dresses and skirts that can really szhoosh-up that baby bump!

Maternity Navy Spot Jersey Dress $70, Topshop

Polka dot dresses are always cool in my book and the long sleeves are an added bonus if you decide to layer this piece under a sweater or a jacket for the colder winter months. Another great layering piece that can take you from season to season is a racerback maxi dress. You can wear it by itself or by layering a thin long sleeve tee under it once it starts getting chilly. This dress might also be a good base for any and all sheer tops and pieces you might have hanging around your "old" wardrobe that you might want to wear again. I'm assuming you do just because goths AND hipsters both like their sheer stuff, right? (Lace vs. Mesh, who's going to win?)

Long Racerback Dress $49.85, Gap

A denim skirt is also an easy piece to dress up, and if you wear them in your everyday life then a maternity version might not be such a bad idea. This skirt from ASOS has a good length and is only slightly distressed (and you can overdye it black if you need it to match the rest of your wardrobe).

Maternity Ripped Mid Wash Denim Skirt $43.10, ASOS

Of course, jersey is way more comfortable than denim so if you're forsaking non-stretchy fabrics you still have a lot of options. I quite like this striped jersey tube skirt from Topshop. You can wear it with a tank to hang out or add a little jacket for work or other more serious business. I've heard from many pregnant woman that often it is easier to buy maternity bottoms and then just size up when it comes to tops and dresses. And don't forget the menswear department for super soft tees and sweaters that are cool and definitely won't make you go broke.

I've never been pregnant or had a baby, so I hope this steers you in the right direction. I'm sure our commenters will have a lot of great advice for you; so help Lanna out, ladies!