Ask Laia: Is It Too Early To Think About Mohair Sweaters?

It's never too early to think about mohair sweaters!
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August 15, 2011
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Hi Laia,Of course I am obsessing about my future fall fashions RIGHT NOW. I know this fall I definitely want to add some mohair sweaters to my collection, specifically like some of the ones I saw in the Fall 2011 DKNY collection (striped or not striped.)

Where can I buy brightly colored mohair sweaters that don't look like monsters? Or am I just waaay too early in the season to be thinking about this? xoxo Hazel

Thanks for writing in Hazel! Although it might seem crazy to be thinking about layers and fuzzy sweaters while the summer heat is in full effect, your desire to plan out your fall wardrobe is actually in sync with the delivery schedule that most retailers abide by. Stroll -- or scroll -- through any store and you'll find it's all coats and leathers and hats. I don't really understand the thinking behind this strategy, but hey! sometimes it works to your advantage when things that have been on the floor since August get marked down by October when you'd probably start wearing them.

See also; the early bird gets the worm and all that.

Having said that, the solution to your mohair conundrum is actually way simpler, and I think, cooler, than just going to a store. Mostly because none had anything to offer that was similar to what you were looking for, although I did find a nice sorta preppy striped mohair sweater at J.Crew and some cool solid mohair pullovers at J.Jill -- and for under 20 bucks to boot -- but none of them had the correct vibe.

Enter Etsy!

Mohair Style Knit Sweater SUPER WIDE $30.99, tigerrr77 at Etsy

Pretty amazing, right? Should've just started my search here. Although initially I was hoping Etsy would have some cool vintage options, I soon realized that a lot of amazing knitters do custom work! And what could be more perfect than having the perfect sweater made specifically to your liking? The knit in this one is chunkier and less fuzzy than what you are looking for, but perhaps that is something that you can talk out with the seller.

Handmade PUNK MOHAIR SWEATER $43.99, moodycowscloset at Etsy

I also found this awesome open-weave striped sweater that's just the right amount of fuzzy and has quasi-Rodarte vibes. Not exactly what you're looking for, but kinda too rad to not pass on. With this one you can also pick your colors, so if pink and red is what you want, I'm sure it's something you can get.

Good luck on your mohair search!Have a fashion conundrum? Let me at it! Send me all your queries and a pic of yourself to