Ask Laia: Help Me Recreate An Awesome Oufit I Spotted On The Street

Turning street-style inspiration into street-style REALIZATION! Just kidding, I would never say that.
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July 29, 2011
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Hi Laia,

I'm not very "fashion-y," mainly because I'm a student/law intern, and have no money. Example? I am wearing khaki capris today that are a size too big. Not because I'm trying to be ironic or make them look cool, either. Just because they were in my closet and I thought, "It's f-ing hot out today, I shaved my legs yesterday, and these are not long pants." I'm not even sure they are office appropriate. Anyway...I need help because I'm not sure that I can pull this off and I really loved the look.

Yesterday at the Farmer's Market I saw this girl who was wearing this boat-neck black and white striped knit shirt, and a breezy little floral skirt. She looked awesome -- sort of French or something. I want to replicate this look. HOWEVER -- I am a) on the shorter, curvy-ish side, b) avoiding stripes because I have giant boobs (32DD) and I always feel that they look even larger in stripes and c) mostly broke, as mentioned so I need to be able to do it cheap ... oh, oh and d) would like to wear it to a somewhat conservative office (though no clients see me, so I don't have to look THAT professional, but you know, not homeless or anything).


Thanks for writing in, Jen! I love that you are getting inspired from people you see around you, that's really the best way to be! I think you can totally rock this look without hesitation, it's only a matter of finding the right piece for the right setting.

Striped Layering Tee $18.50, Land's End & Floral Pleated Skirt $27.99, Gap

I honestly think that anyone can wear stripes, but the trick is to adjust the width of the stripe to each situation. For you, I think a very thin stripe in colors that aren't too contrasty is a good solution. I love the Land's End tees because the colors are muted and the effect is very subtle; this is good both for your body type and your work situation. The printed skirt from The Gap is super unique because of its almost photo-like black-and-white floral print which feels a little more mature than the ditzy florals that are so popular. I know you described the girl you saw as wearing a breezy skirt, but breezy is not the most professional, but an A-line skirt in a heavier cotton certainly is. This skirt may be a bit on the short side, but I think you can get away with it, especially if you pair it with cute flats (and tights in the winter). This look is very bold, but I think super fun and you can definitely take it out to a party after work.

Striped Layering Tee $18.50, Land's End & River Island Belted Floral Border Skirt $34.46, ASOS

The Land's End shirt makes another appearance, this time in an oatmeal color, because it's just that cool. I bet it's a really soft tee, too. Doesn't it look SO soft? I think this look is a little more formal, but no less cute. The fact that the print in the skirt is toward the hem will make the clashing of prints a little less shocking and it draws the eye down in a vertical way which is almost always what you'll want. Because the skirt is a little bit longer you can wear a bit of a heel if the mood strikes you, like a kitten heel or a little wedge. It's very springy and will put you in a good mood. I hope this helps, and if you end up recreating the look, send me a pic!

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