Ask Laia: Help Me Find My Dream Boots

If they're good enough for the Beatles, they're certainly good enough for Shannon.
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July 1, 2011
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Hi Laia!

So like, obviously I have some kind of strange shoe obsession, because I totally have another shoe question for you. I am obsessed with finding myself some mod Beatle/Chelsea boots. Preferably red or metallic ones. Something bright and shiny. I love bright and shiny. And not feminized ones with extra high heels or anything, but proper ones, with a smallish cuban heel, maybe. I'd be happy to buy men's ones, if I could find them small enough! I'm an 8-8 1/2 in ladies shoes, so only like, a 6 in men's. I've been scouring the interwebs, but I've got nothing. Do these boots I am dreaming of even exist? Find them for me, and I'll love you forever! (I'll love you even if you can't find them.) Cheers!


Haha, I understand shoe obsessions Shannon, no problem. Chelsea Boots were popularized by the mods and the Beatles, but I've found myself thinking about them recently as well. I'm really into your idea of a metallic or red chelsea boot. I love bright, bold shoes because they add instant pizzazz to an outfit whether or not you are trying to put in an effort. I was hoping to find a cool style in gold or silver, but I was not very successful. However, I was able to find you a couple of cool red styles for you to choose from. Apparently England is still totally into these shoes because everything I found was in Europe.

Skye Winklepicker Chelsea Boot about $104, Skye Clothing And Footwear

This style seems like the most classic of the ones I was able to find. Solid construction and I love the pointier toe. The black elastic gusset makes them a little bit more bad ass.

Red Leather Chelsea Boot about $40, Phix Clothing

This style, on the other hand, is a bit more streamlined from the classic Chelsea Boot design with an almond-shaped toe and a continuous leather upper that doesn't have any seams or topstitching. These are slightly more feminine and would look great with dresses and skirts.

So there you go! Do I get a gold star or what? If all else fails, I think you could find a pair that you like, with the little cuban heel and everything, in cream or white and take them to a shoe person that can probably dye them in whatever color you desire. Just imagine the possibilities!

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