Ask Laia: Can You Recommend Some Cute Bras For Small-Tas?

What you got, tiny magician?
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June 27, 2011
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I had a thought: I would love your recommendations for cute bra top suggestions for small-ta ladies. Like, I know I don't need a bra... I wear a lot of sheer or semi-sheer stuff on purpose, because it looks good on those of us with nearly flat chests, especially when we've got some kind of killer bra top action underneath. I have some I really like, but it's about time I shake it up a little. What you got, tiny magician?


Thanks for writing in Liz! Ever since I wrote about how I keep forgetting to buy new bras, I have actually made a point to go out and get some. I am never one to buy white or skin-toned bras, mostly because I still haven't outgrown the Gwen-Stefani-brightly-colored-bra-straps thing, but also because I think if you're gonna see my bra I'm not going to pretend that I'm some kind of Barbie with an even and smooth torso caused by a skin-toned bra. Plus if I'm spending money on something FUN, it wins out over BORING every time. There are a few basic styles I keep to when it comes to bras.

Cotton Mesh Triangle Bra $32, Topshop

The Triangle: I love triangle bras because they're an easy shape and keep everything in place. They're also perfect for deep v-necks or shirts with otherwise weird or asymmetrical necklines. I love the combo of bright color with mesh in this style from Topshop (who, P.S., is your best friend when it comes to cute cheap bras). I recently purchased this Chantilly Lace Bra in black from Gap and I'm really, really into it. And don't worry even though it's lace; it's still good with semi-sheer stuff and you can't really see any bits.

Red Meadow Floral Print Bra $36 and 70s Denim Dungaree Bralet $44, Topshop

The Standard Long and Short:When it comes to "regular" bras, I always have trouble finding styles that don't have molded cups. I hate molded cups because they make it seem like I'm more chesty than I really am, and I'm not interested in false advertising. Also, my boobs don't always fill the cup entirely, which makes for odd empty spaces that sit weird under clothes and make me feel even worse about my tiny chesticles. The point is, a soft cup is better and Topshop (again!) is where I turn to get my kicks. All their bras always have crazy fabrics which I'm super into, but what I'm really OBSESSED with is their bralets, or "long bras." I love to wear them under the really sheer stuff because they cover a lot, but they're also cool under big armholes and thin straps. If you're really adventurous you can even wear them OVER shirts, but I feel like that might be another post in itself.

VPL Color-Block Stretch Cotton-Blend Bra $34, Net-A-Porter

The Cute Expensive One: This isn't really a category per se, I'm just really into VPL's super awesome color-blocked bras. They are a bit on the pricey side, yes, but they come in so many colors and material configurations that anytime I visit their store on Mercer Street, I feel like a kid in a candy store. There are a few of them on sale on Net-A-Porter and Barneys, so I might finally buckle down and treat myself to a neon yellow bra. Neon is important!