Ask Laia: Are Leather Pants A Faux Pas?

Or are they faux sure? Get it? Like "for sure"?
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August 30, 2011
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Hey Laia!

I'm considering buying these pants:

Are they too costumey? Too Catwoman? Too dated?Are leather pants a faux pas?-Michelle

Hi Michelle, thank you for writing in! The short answer is no, leather pants are not a faux pas.

The long answer is no, leather pants are not a faux pas by themselves but can very easily veer into faux pas territory depending on how you wear them. Actually leather leggings are all the rage right now, but I'm still partial to a good old slim leather "jean" style instead. You know, because leggings aren't pants and all.

Although I admit that leather leggings totally count as pants. Thick fabric and whatnot!

The most obvious example of how not to wear your leather pants is to go full-on leather. Like if you don't own a motorcycle, you might want to avoid pairing it with a leather jacket and big chunky boots. You want to incorporate them into your current wardrobe and not style them up like a costume in "looks" everytime that you wear them. If you wear jeans or trousers all the time, my best advice is to just treat them as you would any other pair of bifurcated bottoms. They'd look great with gauzy sheer blouses, tattered cotton tees, slim sweaters worn over buttondowns and even super slouchy sweaters that leave a pile of threads everywhere they go.

Leather pants are a perfect item in the "too lazy to care but too snobby to look like crap all the time" department. They don't require a lot of effort -- I mean, they're PANTS -- but you will make a bit of a splash everytime that you wear them. And as I've discussed here before, that's kinda the best way to be. Lazy fashion peeps unite!

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