Ask And You Shall Receive: Indian Print Shirts (Fine, GEETAS)

It turns out I'm not the only one with a hidden hippie past!
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July 7, 2011
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Back when I wrote about whether it was time to bring indian print shirts back into fashion, the shirt itself garnered some fan mail. It turns out readers not only thought it was time to bring it back; they also thought it was time to buy it. Immediately. Online. And they wanted to know where. The nerve!

I kid. The truth is, I Googled and Googled and didn't even know what I was searching for since "indian print shirt" yields only results of the Native American variety...

and then I got sidetracked and sort of forgot about the project. Then reader Alyssa Ettinger sent along a link and once I learned there's a manufacturer of these cotton tees called Geeta, I was off to the races! See a few of my picks below.

Incidentally, it's amazing what comes up when you Google "geeta shirts" -- the search results might as well say "people who have worn geeta shirts have also enjoyed Birkenstocks and dashikis and mukluks." OK, I may own some mukluks, and the dashiki is looking pretty good to me ... but I think I'll hold off on the Birks for now.

Geeta Printed Tee-Shirt, $16,

Geeta Indian Print Shorties, $7,

Geeta Long-Sleeved Shirt, $24,

Pink Geeta T-Shirt, $19,

What '90s relic/ridiculously crunchy item do you have hiding in your closet? Be honest.