OR, talking about those outfits that require a Tide To Go in your pocket at all times.
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April 17, 2015
personal style, overalls, outfit of the week, white clothes

Spring has sprung! SPRING HAS SPRUNG! I will shout it from the rooftops, and probably already have. The sun has been shining here all week and I've eagerly shed my Winter layers (yes, I officially put my sweaters into storage and pulled my lighter garments out from their slumber -- hallelujah!)

This means going for a light vibe all over, and taking the "light" keyword quite literally. This week on a trip to H&M I picked up a pair of off-white overalls with rose gold hardware (TWENTY BUCKS!) and stocked up on my favourite super-cheap men's white tees. I put together a simple outfit with the two, adding in some pieces of delicate jewelry and added to the overall white-out look with my all-white leather Converse high-tops.

The only issue with this outfit is you have to be very, very careful. All coffee cups are held at an arm's length on public transit and red wine is totally out of the question. Going out to eat? Layer some napkins in your lap. I'm notorious for spills, and my all-black Winter wardrobe forgave this.

Also, throwing in a little #FBF ... hey dad! I see you're a fan of white overalls too. I'll give him an honorary Outfit of the Week title for this throwback inspiration.

Speaking of throwbacks, let's go all the way back to last week and see the outfits you guys shared.

I loved that Buttercup Rocks accompanied her outfit snap with a vintage shot too, sporting fun paintstroke-style prints in each. Creative continuity in personal style, especially when it involves a great pattern, gets a thumbs up from me.

And oh, Zap Rowsdower, you've reminded me that I need to steal my denim jacket back from my sister. So light, so Springy!

I hope you've been blessed with sunshine wherever you are, and that you'll share your sunny-day outfits, too!