I Truly Believe That There's A Crop Top Out There For Everyone

This is one trend that will hold a special place in my heart, so I feel compelled to share my tips.

There are some trends out there that I’ve hated from the moment of their awkward birth and still adamantly refuse to allow them into my heart or closet. Those mullet skirts for example? No. I even gave those a shot, but they always cut off my leg at the most unflattering length and I never like the way they fall. Also, I have no commitment issues. I don’t need a skirt that’s both a mini AND a maxi. One or the other for me, please.

Other trends I’ve taken a D.A.R.E. level of “Just Say No” to include: flatform shoes, peplum, studded everything, wedge sneakers, the list goes on. I would never snark on someone else’s clothing choices -- you do you, girlfriend. These things are NOT for me though. I “just can’t,” as the kids are saying these days.

There is one trend though that will forever hold a special place in my heart, and has for the past few years: crop tops. There are so many different kinds of crop tops, but ultimately I love them because it’s a bazillion degrees here in the South and I always embrace ways to wear as little clothing as legally possible. Also, I think there’s a certain DGAFness about them. Like, I can’t even be bothered to wear an entire shirt right now, bye.

I truly believe anyone can wear a crop top. It doesn’t require a particular body type or more confidence than any other item of clothing. There’s a crop top out there for everyone, and for every mood! There are crop tops for summer and winter and the seasons in between. I wore a crop top when I visited the xo offices this winter in a POLAR VORTEX because I am that much of a Stan for crop tops. Also, I’m insane and I might have been drinking. Who knows? I was on vacation!

If you’re just beginning to dip your toe into the crop top waters, I suggest starting slow with a simple cropped tee. Look for something that’s a bit longer than the tiny crops, so that it ends just at your belly button.

Peep this cropped tee I paired with a thrifted skirt. It’s true cropped nature only reveals itself if I stand at certain, forced angles or if I throw my hands up in the air, which I do when songs tell me to do it. Paired with a high waist, a crop top is really subtle.

Swap the red, strappy heels out for some basic black pointy toe ones and add a basic blazer, and you just made this crop top office appropriate! What an easy transitional outfit to take you from work to happy hour. Wheeeee.

For the more daring among us, there are tops cropped even higher. We’re not venturing into underboob territory or anything, but we’re talking more skin. The only trick to wearing a very cropped crop top is to wear something high waisted. To make a short crop top less intimidating, buy one that’s slightly boxier with sleeves. I paired this cute striped crop top (that I got some Topshop last summer) with some high waisted trousers.

The pants are fitted but still loose, and they’re grownup looking which keeps this look away from slutty, dressup territory. (Not that I don’t spend plenty of quality time in that very territory.)

Are you feeling inspired to crop your top yet? C’mon, it’s summer time! Here’s some more crop top inspiration. Peep this variety of tiny tops!

Okay, now tell me your feelings on crop tops, and show me your favorite ones!

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