A White Dress For All Occasions Except Your Wedding

White robes are not just for Gandalf anymore.
Publish date:
June 3, 2011
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Read any article about the items you simply must have in your wardrobe and the white men's shirt will always be included. They'll write something about how it's so classic and mysterious and how you can dress it up in a slim suit (unbuttoned down to there) or wear it with a pair of jeans for an everyday look.

Using the transitive law, that means that this Alexander Wangbutton-down shirtdress (Opening Ceremony, $390) would be double indispensable no? And it is! Whether you are getting baptized (or doing the baptizing), graduating with honors, joining a cult or simply harnessing your magick powers, this dress will become your uniform.

Let your hair grow long and tangled, slip your feet into some comfy sandals and get ready to shine a light on those around you.