What To Wear On Vacation: 6 Adorable Outfits Inspired By My Favorite Summer Trips

I’m feeling restless. Let’s pretend we’re packing for a big road trip around the best places in the Southeast!
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May 20, 2014
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Well I’m gonna go ahead and declare it Officially Summer based on Mississippi’s already muggy temperatures and my already moody temperament. I know a lot of people who get the blues every time winter rolls around, but I’ve always been more prone to bouts of bummer-ness come summertime. You know, like the Lana del Rey song:

Though, in the spirit of honesty, I prefer Miley’s cover.

Because I’m an escapist at heart, all I wanna do come warmer weather is GO SOMEWHERE. Summer is time for road trips and adventures, and I’ve got QUITE A FEW in mind! I jump at any opportunity for a weekend away, or a quick jaunt to a distant (or not so distant) land.

I also jump at any opportunity to look at clothes online and come up with outfits for made-up scenarios. I think you guys can tell where this is going. Here’s some outfits I’ve dreamed up for you to wear on your magical weekend getaways to some of my favorite nearby vacation spots. Let’s go!

New Orleans

This is my number one forever. New Orleans is my favorite city in the world. Between the constant source of live jazz and the food unlike anything you can find anywhere else, it’s hard for me to imagine a place that’s more fun than NOLA. Also, you can drink in the streets! Like, you can just walk down the street with a drink! It’s the American dream, truly.

New Orleans is HOT in a sexy, midday boozed up kind of way. Let’s come up with some outfits that can match that vibe, while still keeping you cool enough so that you won’t pass out face first into your gumbo.

During the day, you’re gonna want to be wearing as little clothing as possible. Denim shorts and a crop top will do the trick, with a wide brim hat to keep your face safe from the scorching southern sun and some cute sneakers because you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Head to the Garden District for lunch and see all the gorgeous old homes and explore the scenic cemeteries.

Catch a disco nap before slinking into this sexy black number that’s perfect for dancing. Skip Bourbon Street (lame) and head to Frenchmen for some all night jazz music before wandering to find yourself some beignets as some point in the morning’s early hours. You really can’t go wrong in New Orleans. Have fun. Stay safe and sexy.


Atlanta is SO fun. I’ve thought about moving there more than a few times and I still think about it every now and then. It’s a huge city with tons to do, including lots of great comedy clubs, restaurants and concert venues. Also, the Beltline is AMAZING. Grab a bike or go for a walk and explore this former railway that will lead you to art installations, vintage shopping, or nearby food.

While it isn’t New Orleans levels of muggy heat, ATL is still real hot in the summer. Since this is indeed where the players play, you have to be ready for anything.

A breezy jumpsuit will get you through the day as you hunt the thrift racks in Little Five Points. A sexy crop top and a floral SKORT will lend itself well to an evening of fun and adventure. Catch a comedy show at The Basement Theatre before bar hopping downtown.


Okay, we’re going a little further North now. When people travel to Tennessee, they usually visit Memphis or Nashville and both of those are great, but Chattanooga is a very cool place you can visit on a budget.

Having made the drive up the East Coast many times, I’ve stopped here quite a bit and always had such a lovely time. If you’re the kind of person who likes mountains, then this is your joint. It’s a college town, so there’s good restaurants and bars but the serenity of the mountains keeps it from feeling obnoxious.

These overalls with a tee and some sneakers are good for a day of exploring the Tennessee Riverwalk, some hiking or exploring, or going for a ride up to Lookout Mountain. That night, switch to a casual skirt and tank with some booties for a night out with friends.

All right, I think I’ll stop planning my imaginary vacations and wardrobes and get back to planning my actual vacations. (I’m planning a ROAD TRIP from Seattle to Mississippi!!) What are y’all’s favorite local summer vacation spots? Show me your vacation outfits! Let me live vicariously through you!!

You can find me planning my next escape on Twitter or posting far too many photos of all the places I go on Instagram.