A Party Skirt Look For Every Kind Of Summer Party

Also known as full skirts, party skirts are just the thing to get your outfits ready to celebrate this summer

I am all for winter cuddling and hot cocoa, but I can’t even pretend that I don’t love summertime way more. On top of the obvious reasons like sunshine and ice cream, I love all the flowers, the scent of BBQ in the air, and all the fun events, parties and festivals! Generally I’m an introvert, but even I can’t help but love getting out in the sun for a friend’s wedding, a street fair with delicious food, or a night out dancing with my boo. You know what else I love about going out in the summer? The outfit possibilities!

When going out in the winter, getting dressed is just no fun. Not only do you have to layer up to keep warm, you also have to try and wear something that you won’t overheat in once you reach your destination, and if you’re in a sketchy city like Toronto, it’s best to avoid wearing any layers you love in case they get stolen when you inevitably take them off and leave them in a corner at the bar. Summer party dressing is a whole different story though, a story with cute colours and no jackets needed. When leaving the house, you can wear exactly what you want to without worrying about getting too cold or stripping off layers. Stylish shorts, pastel denim, and cocktail dresses are all great options, but personally I really love party skirts.

Party skirts (also known as full skirts) are fun, easy to wear, and work for all sorts of summer special occasions. More versatile than party dresses, these beauties can be dressed up or down, and they’re pretty comfy too! The silhouette is becoming more and more popular, and there’s even a company out of Vancouver who specializes in just this skirt style called Party Skirts by Skot Apparel (I splurged on a pink one a few weeks ago when it went on sale!)

Here’s how I’ll be wearing my party skirt all summer long:

Casual Wedding

Weddings call for a little bit of extra class, so silk works best! High heels or dressy flats are also a nice touch, and if it’s going to get chilly and the wedding is outside, bring along a crepe blazer for layering.

Street Festival

Keep things casual with a simple crop top, sneakers, and a tote bag. Also, keep in mind you’ll probably spill street food on yourself at some point, so don’t wear anything too precious! A cute pineapple headband is recommended, but not mandatory!

Friend’s BBQ

Again, casual is key. Pair your party skirt with a denim jacket, a simple loose T-shirt, and sandals (just in case a game of frisbee or something equally sporty and awful ensues.)

Yacht Party

Stripes are a must for anything boat related, and loafers are a pretty great staple too! Add a bit of sparkle with a chunky necklace or earrings to earn some mermaid points!

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