Friday Afternoon Lust Corner: The Sweatshirt With Built-In Leather Gloves

More expensive stuff that I want and that you'll all certainly try to talk me out of!
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September 2, 2011
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Maison Martin Margiela Cotton Sweater with Leather Gloves $1,390, Net-a-Porter

These Friday "lutsing" posts have really become my favorite because I really don't know which way you guys are going to respond! Sometimes I think you're gonna be really stoked and I get bubkas and other times I'm like "Eh whatever" and you love it. So let's try this again!

This week I'm obsessing over this sweatshirt/glove combo by king of weird and cool Maison Martin Margiela. And I know that you're gonna be all "Laia! Just buy a random sweatshirt and some gloves and you're golden!", and while you are 100 percent right, that's not good enough! This one zips off! It's BUILT-IN and I'm a sucker for things that turn into other things or are all-in-ones or are in any way futuristic. This one kinda fits into all of the above.

Plus, I'm kinda obsessed with the Fall 2011 collection in general because all the coats and jackets zip off somewhere or have crazy velcro closures that turn dresses into aprons. It's almost like magic!

So yes, while a sweatshirt and leather gloves from the Macy's counter would be a great way to DIY this,I am "lutsing" after this magical collection.

Ps. Are you guys on Pinterest yet? It's pretty awesome! You should check it out and follow xoJane there!, I added my most favorite looks from Margiela's fall collection on it.