7 Swimsuits You Can Actually Swim In

Or lay out in the sun in, you know, whatever. It's summer!

The multiple cold showers I took today can only mean one thing and one thing only: summer is here! As a girl growing up in Puerto Rico, this meant swimsuit shopping (though who am I kidding, every month is swimsuit month in PR), but now that I live on a different island (Brooklyn), it doesn't mean that anymore. Whatever! It's fine, because I know you guys actually have social lives and venture outdoors to soak up the sun and tell everyone to lighten up, so here are the cutest swimsuits you're gonna wanna wear this summer whether you are at the beach or laying out on your stoop.

High Sun Bikini $186, Anthropologie

High-waisted bottoms have always been really alluring, but I always felt like they were a little too frumpy. This striped multi-color number is so adorable and I love that the two pieces are different colors. If you like the style but aren't feeling the stripes, Urban Outfitters also has a really cute solid color number.

Bluebell Underwire Tank $98, JCrew.

This is a little girlier than most swimsuits I generally dig, but it's such a classic shape, and cups generally make everything more comfortable and, well, better-looking.

Tulle Bikini $138, JCrew.

I love the subtle polka dot print because it's fun but still elegant. When it comes to bottoms, I prefer everything to run straight across the bottom of your thigh. Nothing's more terrifying to me than high-cut bottoms of the late '80's and '90s. These are really cute, but unfortunately not available on the site (?). I recommend matching it with the solid black tulle retro hipster bottoms for maximum cuteness. I'm always a big fan of mix-and-match swimsuits!

Plaid French Top and Boybrief $70, Madewell.

If what you're looking for is a fun bathing suit, plaid is always a great alternative. These colors remind me of watermelon and picnics--aka SUMMER CENTRAL!

Lane Lines Maillot $168, Anthropologie.

A blue and white striped swimsuit screams summer and sailing and laying on a white hammock. The stripes are really fun, but the way they are placed is very cool and flattering.

Missoni Galapagos Crochet Knit Triangle Bikini $370, Net-a-Porter.

Ok, this swimsuit is tiny. Like, so tiny that when I saw it at the store the other day I thought it was a children's size. But who cares? It is so cute and tropical and maybe you should just have a swimsuit that's pure sex and will transport you to a beach in some private island or something even if you just wear it in your bathtub.

We Are Handsome Yosemite Bandeau Swimsuit $375, Net-a-Porter.

The American flag bikini has been a summer staple for years, but I think it's time to step it up a notch and show your patriotism with a swimsuit that features a Bald Eagle flying across a beautiful mountain and lake landscape. AMURRICA YEAH!