6 Ways To Wear Yellow This Spring and Summer

Yellow is one of the few sensations that rises above the fray every spring and summer. Here's how to rock it!
Publish date:
May 2, 2014
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Clutchettes, we know you’re not the type to blindly follow fashion trends that don’t speak to your unique fashion sense. But every now and again, a style reaches prominence that is actually worth embracing. Yellow is one of the few sensations that rises above the fray every spring and summer.

The hue looks resplendent against glowing brown skin and is perfect for energizing a neutral wardrobe with a shot of vibrant color. Yellow is also refreshingly versatile, as it can be worn casually or formally.

Here are 6 ways to rock yellow this spring and summer:

1. Skirts

We adore yellow skirts! From mini to maxi — a yellow skirt is a spring/summer must-have.

2. Pants

Yellow pants can be hard to find – but if you are lucky enough to find a pair you love don’t let the opportunity to purchase pass you by.

3. Blazers

You can’t go wrong rocking a chic yellow blazer.

4. Shoes + Accessories + Beauty

If you are looking for a more subtle way to add yellow in to your wardrobe try rocking shoes, nail polish, handbags, head wraps or even makeup in the hue.

5. Dresses

Wearing a yellow dress is always an eye catcher — no matter if you are wearing the dress just because or for an event — the color is sure to get attention.

6. Tops

Wearing a yellow top/blouse is one of our favorite ways to wear yellow. The color yellow looks great with almost any color combination.

Celeb Style We Love: Solange

If it’s one celebrity that knows how to rock the color yellow it’s Solange. She flawlessly pulls off the color every time she decides to rock it.

Reprinted with permission from Clutch.