6 Spring Fashion Collaborations That Double As Wearable Art

Because you're a masterpiece in progress.
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March 27, 2014
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Fulfilling your dream of being a walking mandatory field trip should be on the top of your list this spring, so here are six ways to transform yourself into a masterpiece in progress. Because wearing your old tie-dye shirt, which is now unintentionally a crop top, just doesn’t have the same snob appeal as this wearable art.

1. Opening Ceremony’s Magritte collection.

Rene Magritte. You know the dude. He’s the Belgian surrealist who did the painting of the bowler hat bro with the green apple covering his face. Opening Ceremony printed reproductions of twelve of his notable paintings on all manner of threads. The oversized tees, sweatshirts, dresses, Birkenstocks and Vans sneakers are available for pre-order now.

2. Nail art

Nail artists are transforming paintings by Frank Stella, Shantell Martins, and Yayoi Kusama ten mini versions for your next manicure. The nail artists recreated the modern paintings with scholarly attention to detail. If, by some miracle you can pull any of these off, getting them chipped is not an option so lifting a finger is out.

3. The Doctor Martens Bosch collection

This one features boots with several paneled sections showing off Bosch’s major work, The Garden of Earthly Delights. Choosing heaven or hell will reveal a lot about your point of view.

4. Nathalie Du Pasquier x American Apparel

For her first fashion collab, Italian artist Nathalie Du Pasquier supplied her cartoonish graphic patterns for 20 new American Apparel looks. You might associate the adorable jumpsuits with childhood, and you had a more playful sense of style then anyway.

5. DISown

From the DISown collection this trompe l’oeil sweatshirt by Korakrit Arunanondchai features denim ablaze. If there’s one thing that shows you ain’t nothin’ to mess with, it’s wearing flame accents on your sleeve.

6. Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux x The Met Store

At long last, there’s a t-shirt to show you’ve been to hell and back with the image of Ugolino and His Sons by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux on this new unisex t-shirt from The Met Store. Carpeaux created the sculpture to depict a passage from Dante’s Inferno. Given his freaked out expression, that seems about right.

Reprinted with permission from Styleite. Want more?

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