The 5 Key Pieces I Rely On When I Want To Look More Put-Together

Because sometimes I need to balance out my pastel hair!

I know what you’re thinking: “The pastel-haired girl? Writing about looking professional and put together? Who made this decision?!” In reality though, I think I’m especially well suited for the job, because having crazy hair colours all the time makes it that much harder to look really polished when I need to.

I have a really hard time dressing like a grown up. I like having fun with my looks each day, and I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a fashion “don’t”. But as much as I think people should wear whatever makes them happy, I can also acknowledge that this fashion philosophy doesn’t really work in every single situation. Job interviews, meeting your future in-laws, funerals, weddings, and lots of other rare occasions call for a bit more put togetherness, and for those especially daunting days, I have these five items in my wardrobe at all times:

1. A great blazer (or two)

Whenever I want to look a little more serious and covered up, I always reach for a blazer (Christina has some good tips on how to find a good one). I have two styles in my closet at the moment: a loose, black crepe blazer that’s perfect for dinners and weddings, and a more classic suit-style tailored boyfriend blazer that works well in professional situations like interviews.


2. A silk shirt

Yes silk shirts are high maintenance (dry cleaning bills can really add up), but having one or two in your closet is absolutely crucial, and if you can’t handle the upkeep of real silk, there are a ton of great alternatives out there. I love silks in creamy light colours, or dark neutrals like black and grey, but they also look gorgeous in jewel tones if that’s what you’re into!


3. A statement necklace

I can’t stress the importance of big necklaces enough. Every time I’m feeling frumpy and gross, I always add a statement necklace. They're a quick fix for everything! Seriously, even when I’m too lazy to wear anything other than a big sweatshirt and jeans, my big Bauble Bar necklaces make me feel cute and put-together. They’re inexpensive, so pretty, and really make it look like you put a little bit of extra effort into your outfit, even if you didn’t really try that hard.


4. A knee length skirt

I’ll admit, I avoided this one for quite awhile. I like short skirts so much more, and for the most part I get away with wearing them with black tights almost anywhere. But once I took the plunge and bought something a little longer, I really grew into it. Personally I feel more comfortable in a tight longer skirt, as I’m pretty tiny and I feel really short in a big fluffy skirt (except tulle, I always make exceptions for tulle!) That being said, I have nothing against long full skirts on other people, in fact, I love the look!


5. A classic belt

I have a really great simple black belt that was handed down to me by my grandmother, and I use it all the time. I think the most important thing when buying a good belt is that it can work either on your waist, or on your pants. As long as a belt is thin enough and long enough, it should easily work for both spots, and the versatility means you can easily add great shape and detail to any outfit. If the belt you have doesn’t have enough holes to work on your waist, get an extra hole added, or do the little tuck-under that I always do!


What are your favourite put together basics?