5 MORE Fashion Blogs Totally Worth Checking Out

When I’m looking for inspiration, I turn to fashion bloggers first.
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August 30, 2012
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I’ve written here at length (and ad nauseam, I’m afraid) about how truly out of touch I am with the mainstream fashion press, even though I do in fact make my living in a fashion-oriented career. I just can’t bring myself to care who the "latest celeb to go ombre" is, and the thought of picking up the September issue of anything fills me with total boredom.

So it’s no surprise that when I’m looking for inspiration, whether in my personal life, for a show I am working on, or for something new to write about here on xoJane, I turn to my dog Casey. I'm KIDDING, I turn to fashion bloggers! Just seeing if you were paying attention.

There are a ton of blogs out there to weed through, and a lot of them have devolved into obvious shills for lame-brain brands. I don’t blame them -- it’s hard to make a buck as a fashion blogger! They just don’t end up being my go-to sources for fresh ideas.

There are clearly more deserving fashion blogs than I could ever post about here in an entire lifetime, but I am going to keep on randomly featuring the ones I’m currently digging on.

1) Purple Bananas and Fudge Balls:

Stop it right there with that name. I mean, I didn’t even have to look at her first post to know I was going to like it. Miss Purple Bananas is a beautiful, clever 23-year-old art student in North Carolina who started her blog as something to do while her Marine husband was away on a tour of duty. I love her well-edited outfit mashups, most of which have an element of thrift or DIY to them.

Fashion babes who make thrifted stuff work for them inspire me to no end. I feel like I’ve lost my thrifting edge as I’ve gotten older and busier, and I love to be reminded that it’s still the very best way to have a totally unique look with money left over to buy cocktails!

I’m always the girl bellying up and ordering a round for my friends in a bar. I'm the “dude” in all my female relationships, constantly buying drinks and opening car doors. Chivalry is not dead! It's just being practiced by ladies.

2) Brooklyn-Bliss:

Corrie Feld is a Brooklyn-based blogger. She just found out about xoJane after her husband sent her the link to my recent vegan handbag post. How cute is he?! Corrie blogs about vegan fashion, design and lifestyle at Brooklyn-Bliss. Corrie is the real deal -- she completely knows her stuff. Her current roundup of the best vegan boots for fall is absolutely not to be missed.

Keeping an eye out for vegan fashion that doesn’t scream “I’M A FRIGGIN’ HIPPIE” is a hell of a lot of work. If you are a vegan babe that is even remotely into fashion, reading Corrie’s blog is a total no-brainer.

This is why I like writing for XO so much -- I throw a topic out there and end up getting so much info in return from all you smarties. You are the best researchers a girl could dream to have! Never stop schooling me, please.

3) Corporette:

Case in point regarding how clever you readers are -- I was turned on to the smart Corporette blog by an astute commenter. Who has ever head of a fashion blog for corporate types? It sort of blew my mind.

I have never had a serious office job, or a serious job of any sort, now that I think about it. I can’t imagine having a total boss-lady gig that required me to dress in a way that doesn’t allow me to show off my personality.

Corporette aims to bring a little style to working women who must dress conservatively to be taken seriously in the professional world.

Kat Griffin and Corporette not only have lots of superbly chosen fashion posts for women in the corporate world, they also have fantastic advice regarding working world topics like business etiquette or how to do well in a phone interview. Corporette is all-around great reading for babes with jobs as well as babes who may be looking for jobs.

4) Love Maegan:

I came across Maegan Tintari and Love Maegan when I was researching stuff for my post on ankle bracelets. She is kind of the ultimate Cali babe, and her blog is one of my most favorite types -- a great mix of her personal outfit posts, art + fashion that is inspiring to her, and truly brilliant DIY. Like these amazing hair chains. WHY HAVEN'T I ALREADY DONE THIS?!

Be sure to check out Maegan's adorable "hair bow" tutorial. Her photography is really beautiful and dreamy -- it's done up in lots of sweet pastel tones. Maegan just has pretty impeccable taste all around.

5) Style 101:

Avon Dorsey is unique in the blogger world. Style 101 very much resembles an edgier version of Paper or Interview mags in their heyday of the late 1980s, and seems as if it would have featured Keith Haring or Lady Miss Kier of Deee Lite back in the day.

Style 101 is a smart and snappy mix of fashion news, culture, sports, models, style, politics, society and world events. Lately I am on a bender of only being interested in men's mags and men's fashion news. So I love reading a male take on the worlds of style and fashion. It just seems way fresh to me.

Honorable mention, The Bloggess:

So The Bloggess is not a fashion blog at all. Jenny Lawson is a hilarious author who resides in Central Texas. The Bloggess is her deepest inner monologue given full voice. She writes about parenthood, sex, the terrible pitches people send her and burying people in the front yard of a house she is trying to sell.

Her book, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, is funny, snarky, and above all else, drop dead funny. This is coming from someone (moi) who works in comedy, yet thinks nothing is ever funny.

That is actually not a true statement -- I do always laugh when someone injures themselves while trying to make someone else laugh. It's the purest form of comedy! I mention Jenny and The Bloggess here because sometimes, fashion is just too darn SERIOUS.

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