4 Simple Looks For When You're Too Hungover to Think

The morning after a big night out can be a total nightmare when it comes to getting dressed, but here are four outfits anyone can throw on to look semi-decent for the day.
Publish date:
June 10, 2014
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To be totally honest with you guys, I don’t go out much, so when I do, I always end up hungover. I’m extremely sensitive to alcohol, so for me a little goes a long way, and I always end up at least a little wobbly by the end of the night. I used to be one of those people who are blessed with never ever having a hangover, bouncing out of bed to go to work after a night of heavy drinking with no problem at all.

Unfortunately, as I get older I find myself more and more useless the day after I go out. Hangovers suck, and they make simple things like ordering brunch, walking, or getting dressed much more difficult than they need to be. Though I can’t tell you whether to choose eggs or waffles, or help you get out of bed, I’m totally here for you when it comes to the getting dressed part!

When you’re in copious amounts of pain and can’t see straight, it’s important to keep things simple. High heels are probably not the best choice in case you’re still a little bit wobbly, and I don’t recommend last night’s dress either (who knows what’s on it?). Now is not the time to take a major fashion risk. It’s entirely possible you’ll end up with two different left shoes on your feet, a backward shirt, and a sombrero from the Mexican bar the night before if you don’t give yourself some easy formulas to follow.

Here are some outfit ideas you can copy directly with minimal effort in the simplest terms possible for your melted-brain convenience. Keep in mind they all include sunglasses, because you WILL need sunglasses!

Dress. Denim jacket. Flats. Big Hat.

Sweatshirt. Skirt. Boots. Necklace.

Shorts. Button Up. Sandals. Hair Twist.

Jeans. Blouse. Loafers. Lipstick.

Remember, stay safe, take care of your friends, drink lots of water, and keep it simple.