3 Underwear Companies That Are Here to Help With Awkward Summer Sweating

Let’s face it, when it gets humid and hot in the summertime, sweat happens, but these moisture-wicking panties promise to keep you comfortable, even in a heat wave.
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June 19, 2014
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I never used to have an issue with sweating, in fact, I prided myself on the fact that I never really sweat, even when I was working out. I couldn’t understand people who complained about body odour and sweat marks, damp armpits and sticky thighs. I thought hot flashes and night sweats were things reserved for pregnant and menopausal women, and I figured until one of those things happened to me, I’d remain relatively sweat free.

But then in a strange twist of fate, I started sweating. A lot.

Around the time I started doing hot yoga, my body started acting like all my sweat glands had been unplugged. I went from never sweating a drop, to actually feeling like I had a sweat problem (and still do). When I do yoga my hands practically slide off the mat, and in Barre I wonder why no one else seems to be struggling with slippery sweaty feet. Most annoyingly, I am now very aware of that horrid sweaty underwear feeling.

OK, admit it, we all deal with this sometimes (at least those of us in humid climates). When it gets extra hot and sticky, certain areas get, well, sweaty, and it can be a total downer. I ride a bike, which means the chances of dampness and discomfort are much higher for me, but on particularly hot days it can happen to anyone doing pretty much anything. I probably have the overly humid city climate in Toronto to thank, but since I’m not moving anytime soon, identifying the root doesn’t really help with the problem. Wearing something non-restrictive like a dress or skirt helps, but at the end of the day the real game changer is underwear.

Just like with workout gear, certain kinds of underwear are better for sweating than others. Lace can cause a lot of chafing, and cotton gets damp, which doesn’t feel great. The best solution that I’ve found so far is actually designed for periods, but works just as well for sweat and unwanted moisture. That’s right, I’m giving you one more reason to invest in leak-proof panties!

There are a whole bunch of high-tech panty companies popping up all over the place, and their amazing fabrics aren’t just for when you’re surfing the crimson wave. With anti-microbial properties and breathable, comfortable fabrics, these wonder-undies are your best defense against leaks of any kind, and any other unwanted moisture issues down there, including sweat. Plus, the special fabric keeps things much drier, which can help avert bacterial buildup, odour, and potentially even yeast infections. Ready to ditch your traditional panties and trade them for something more advanced? Here’s a rundown of what’s available out there for us sweaty summer babes:


A Canadian company with stupidly cute packaging, Knix is the only company on this list that identifies sweating as one of the issues their panties tackle. Their technology is odour-eliminating, moisture-wicking, and leak-proof, making them the ultimate underwear for period week and beyond. Personally I love their Lycra athletic line the most, but the lace collection is stunningly beautiful too.

Shop Knix:

Dear Kates

Still my favourite, Dear Kates offers a whole range of cute styles and cuts, a sport line, a new plus-size line launching soon, and they’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help them start making yoga pants and shorts that you can wear without underwear! All of their products are made in New York City, and they’re an all-women team on a mission to make women feel comfortable, sexy, and dry!

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Thinx describes themselves as “the TOMS of underwear,” and the woman-positive work they do is super inspiring. Basically, every time someone buys a pair of THINX, 7 Afripads (reusable pads) are sent to a young girl in Africa who doesn’t have access to period supplies, and would otherwise miss out on school and fall behind in her education because of her period. The panties themselves also come in all sorts of super sexy cuts, can absorb 2-6 teaspoons of liquid, and have anti-microbial technology built right in for odour control!

Shop Thinx:

So what do you think? Is it time to upgrade your underwear to something a little more high-tech?