20 degrees and raining – just how exactly am I meant to dress for that?

Publish date:
July 13, 2012
fashion, english summer, here comes the rain again

Take a look at any fashion magazines in your local newsagent, I’m pretty sure they’ll be full of handy hints and tips to “get perfect summer hair”, “bag the hottest hot pants”, or a round up of the “50 best sandals on the highstreet”. All lovely stuff, except they’re missing one minor detail. This is Great Britain and we don’t have a summer.

For me 'summer hair' involves keeping an emergency set of straighteners in my desk drawer for when I inevitably get soaked and begin to resemble the humidity-challenged Monica from Friends. I’m sure you’ll all have noticed by now that this summer the weather has, well, been a bit of a bitch. Every morning I optimistically turn on the news and wait for the weather to help me plan what I’ll wear that day. 20 degrees and raining? No one has ever explained how to dress for that.

Me when I got soaked yesterday evening.

Seek out true advice on how to dress for a British summer and you’ll find none. It’s like we have a nation of fashion writers collectively putting their hands over their eyes when it comes to the reality of UK weather. Summer playsuits? Yeah, they’re nice for sundrenched Alicante, not so great for rain-soaked Acton.

Some silly playsuits I foolishly bought which naturally have not been on...

Sometimes I think the weather does this to spite me personally. I wake up to glorious sunshine, enjoy hailstones at lunchtime, and a heatwave by 5. I am now resigned to the big bag; it’s become my only way of coping with the daily saga that is dressing myself. For me it’s become all about outfits I can adapt. Skirts and sheer tops and a handbag full of tights, umbrellas and jumpers, in July…

The contents of my SS12 handbag...

That’s how I’m working this and in my constant despair I wondered if any one else had been able conquer this weather conundrum without the use of a portable wardrobe? Has anyone mastered the art of layering without looking like a female brick? If we all put our heads together surely we can solve this problem, and if we can’t, fine - Autumn/Winter is better than Spring/Summer anyway.