The Top 10 Absolutely-Must-Have-Or-You'll-Die Pieces For Summer -- All Under $50!

Let me sort out your summer wardrobe!

I don’t know about you but I don't feel ready for summer at all. It’s finally June but it took the weather over here on the East Coast takes ages to warm up. We had a few hot days recently but as I write this now, it’s dark and gloomy outside again. I’m thinking it’s time to get in the summer mood by doing what I do best: combing the Internet for cute clothes.

Here are my picks for the top 10, absolutely necessary, MUST HAVE OR WILL DIE summer items. Some of them might be a little expected (I know, I know: Sandals and sunglasses, Kelly? Really?) and some might be trends that you wish would die already, but overall I hope there’s something here for everyone -- even if it’s just some much-needed summer inspiration.

1. Fun sunglasses

I already prepared for summer by spending big bucks on a pair of Warby Parker prescription sunglasses. I stuck to a classic shape and color since I knew I’d be wearing them daily. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have a cheaper, more fun pair as backup.

If you’re into the ASOS flower sunglasses but don’t want to spend the $34, may I direct you to my embellished sunglasses DIY?

2. Summer bag

Without even realizing it, I started an insane collection of dark oxblood bags this past winter. I’m now in the market for something a bit lighter and summery. I’m currently deciding between a bright pop of color in the form of a small messenger bag, a bucket bag in a neutral shade, or a structured pastel bag.

The pineapple bag is just for fun. Is it just me or are pineapples everywhere right now?

3. A hat (because sunscreen isn’t enough)

Maybe this will be the summer that I finally look good in hats. I hope so because I really want the extra sun protection, but I don’t enjoy looking like a dork. A big floppy straw hat is required for going to the beach and sitting poolside, while an oversized felt fedora makes your summer street style effortlessly cool. I don’t think I can pull off baseball caps, but they’re one of the few hats I feel you can wear from the beach to the street, and J. Crew has some cool ones right now.

4. A T-shirt dress

This is one of my favorite casual summer items. What’s easier than jeans and a T-shirt? This dress, because you don’t even need the jeans. Plus it is still a dress so you get to feel a little more feminine and show off your legs. I pair mine with everything: sneakers, sandals, ankle boots, heels, a denim jacket, a leather jacket. It’s versatile (and so comfy).

5. Black jumpsuit or romper

A romper is my other put-it-on-and-go summer staple. It doesn’t necessarily have to be black, but I think that helps make it look a little more polished and sophisticated. The same goes for jumpsuits. I think a black, well-fitted jumpsuit can be elegant for a night out when paired with heels and jewelry.

It’s not technically a jumpsuit, but I also kind of want those overalls. Blue denim overalls will probably make me look like a farm boy, but maybe black will work! OK, I might be deluding myself.

6. Statement necklace

If you feel like your summer outfit is a little too boring or you need to dress it up a bit for the evening, just put on a massive necklace and you’re good to go.

7. High-waisted midi skirt

This kind of combines three trends into one, but it doesn’t end up looking too trendy -- just pretty and fresh. ASOS has a great selection of these.

8. A crop top to be worn with that skirt

Crop tops can definitely read as too trendy, but when offset by a ladylike high-waisted midi skirt, they show just the right amount of skin. I have yet to own a crop top myself, but the ones below are making me consider taking the plunge.

9. Cozy trousers

I think the hammer pants trend has finally passed, thank goodness, but apparently it’s been replaced by palazzo pants. I’m not sure how I feel about that. As a fairly petite woman, I feel like palazzo pants would totally overwhelm me, but I do like how dramatic they seem while walking. I also like how cozy they look. If you absolutely refuse to give in to palazzo pants (which is fine by me), there’s lots of other comfy trouser options that you can wear with a T-shirt or loose tank top this summer. The key is the elastic waistline, to make room for barbeque, and avoid hammer crotch at all costs.

I’m seriously considering buying those Madewell trousers in every color (they come in black and green, too).

10. Non-fugly sandals

Birkenstocks are having a comeback in a big way, but I just can’t get behind it. Aggressively ugly shoes are everywhere right now, and although some people can pull it off, it’s not my thing. When I look for summer sandals, I like to go for a minimal black and tan sandal with an ankle strap (I do not like shuffling -- thus why no Birks and no flip flops for me). A fresh white or mint sandal also sounds appealing lately, though.

Those ASOS Firestorm Leather Sandals come in black and white, and have kind of a Birkenstocks meets Swedish Hasbeens vibe. I’m really into them. I also love the touch of leopard print in the Zara sandals.

Well, I think I just got my entire summer wardrobe sorted out. I hope you liked my picks! Share your own current summer must-haves in the comments.

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