YOUR WEEKLY ORGANASM: My Face is Squeaky Clean, And So Is My House! 5 Ways I Make It Happen

Too busy to clean? Watch me pair some of my favorite beauty rituals with some of my most-hated household chores.
Publish date:
August 19, 2014

My face is like my own personal guinea pig -– let’s see how much I can do to it before it squeals.

It’s in good condition, but I’m incapable of sitting back and appreciating what I have. I can’t help but poke and prod at my skin, applying product after product and spackling it with makeup. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to ruin it someday.

So yes, I’m in love with my beauty rituals, from cleansing and moisturizing, to applying sheet masks. All of this is time-consuming. Since I'm jittery and like to multitask as much as possible, I’ve decided to find ways to combine something I hate with something I love, in the hopes that this will make it tolerable. So now, let me show you how I pair some of my favorite beauty rituals with –- you guessed it –- some of my most-hated household chores.

1. Clean my face AND the kitchen sink.

This is my number one most despised household chore. The problem is that I have a really deep kitchen sink. Once I put a few dishes in there, the mess literally disappears from sight. So even though my kitchen opens up to the living room, it’s really easy for me to forget that I have dirty dishes in that time between having dinner and getting ready for bed.

The kitchen only gets cleaned if it’s really bad, or if I happen to pass through it while doing other stuff. This system isn’t working too well for me. In order to trick myself into spending more time in the kitchen every night, I’ve created a new habit of washing my face at the kitchen sink.

I’m finding this to be amazingly effective. It’s a treasured beauty ritual, and I’d rather not do it over a sinkful of nasty, dirty dishes with caked-on food. These days, I even have higher standards for the kitchen, because I can’t wash my face unless the kitchen sink is completely dry and empty, the drain clean, and the counter sanitized and shiny.

2. Apply makeup AND clear the dining table.

I have a very nice vanity in the bedroom. I don’t use it very much though, because the room doesn’t get enough light, and I never want to wake up my significant other too early in the morning. That’s why, most mornings, I’ll take my stuff to our sun-filled dining area instead. I use a Lay n’ Go cosmetic bag ($20) for this purpose. It’s a drawstring bag that opens out flat, so that you can see all of your stuff without having to dig into a black hole.

The dining table also happens to be Mr. Min’s workspace, and where he likes to keep his junk mail. Since it’s in the same place where I apply makeup, it’s been a natural progression for me to pay bills, shred credit card offers, and clear off the top of the dining table while I put stuff on my face. There’s all that time while I wait for my moisturizer, primer, BB cream and sunscreen to sink in. I used to think of these extra steps as a time suck, but not anymore.

3. Do a face mask AND start a load of laundry.

I have patches of dry, flaky skin, and they need all of the hydration. Right now, I’m all about Korean sheet masks. The extra hydration is great, but I really love the cool, soothing texture and the delicious smells. A sheet mask is incredibly relaxing and takes less time than a bubble bath. I think the best time to do it is just after starting a load of laundry.

By combining this task with a little me time, I’ve started to look forward to doing the laundry every week. And FYI, a laundry timer app really helps. Find one and download it to your smartphone, ASAP.

4. Moisturize my face AND dust my nightstand.

I’ve always kept my face creams and moisturizers in the drawers of my nightstand, but I’ve never been that good about application. That all changed when I started putting my most-used beauty products on TOP of the nightstand, inside this fabric bin by reisenthel ($6). Even in the most drunken stupor, I can reach over, identify my eye cream and moisturizer by touch, and slather it all over my face.

The nightstand needs a good dusting now and then, so I’ve used a dollar store sticky hook to attach a tiny duster behind my furniture. It’s great for quickly cleaning up my bedside area.

5. Scrub the toilet AND take a shower.

Cleaning the toilet always makes me feel icky. Washing my hands just isn’t enough, so I’ll usually shower afterwards. In order to remind myself to scrub the toilet at least once a week, I’ve added a sticky note to my glass shower door, right at eye level. It says, “Scrub Toilet Thursdays.” l like to think of it as my training wheels for developing a new habit. Once I’m used to it, I’ll switch it out with a blank post-it. And after that, I'll remove it. Thursday is, of course, the very best day, because I’ll be out on Friday nights, and I spend the most time at home on the weekends.

Now, it’s your turn. Can you think of other ways to combine taking care of yourself with taking care of your house? Have I finally motivated you to clean? Or would you give up some of your most treasured beauty rituals rather than do any of these mind-numbingly boring household tasks? Let me know! I want to hear ALL about it.