You Would Be Surprised At How Many Skincare Products I Test On My Boyfriend

The man will happily let me smear ANY anti-aging cream (or mask, serum, etc.) on his face. He’s supportive like that.
Publish date:
March 20, 2014
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I had an interesting deskside appointment last week. (That’s when a PR rep comes to the office to meet with you in person to brainwash you into liking a new product -- it’s a pretty effective method.) This particular deskside was fun because my xoVain sistah Marci and I took the meeting together and it was with a cool publicist that we both have worked with before. Plus, Emily saw us sitting in the conference room and couldn’t resist barging in to see what was going on. This amused the hell out of Marci and I and completely confused Jessica, the PR girl, who was too polite and professional to be like, “Who is this tattooed chick that just hijacked my deskside?” It was pretty funny.

The new product we learned about is Chloro Plasma ($75), an anti-aging, detox mask from Dr. Perricone. Now this is one of the few skincare lines that I take seriously because the stuff really works. When I’ve used some of Perricone’s other face creams in the past, (like Acyl-Glutathione, which is amazing) I really did see a difference in my complexion, beyond just basic hydration. This guy knows what he’s doing.

After Jessica finished her spiel, I was eager to try out the product -- on my boyfriend, Ibra. I test A LOT of skincare products on him before I give them a whirl myself. I don’t remember exactly how this started, but early on in our relationship, I offered to give him an at-home facial because he was curious about the millions of products that were cluttering up my bathroom. All I do is cleanse his face with a Clarisonic brush, apply a mask and slap on some moisturizer and he thinks it’s the best thing in the world. It's become a regular thing, but we don’t have a set schedule for this ritual. I just do it when I feel like it, when he asks or if any skin issues pop up. Of course he now jokingly blames me whenever he gets a zit -- he claims neglect. Whatever.

Ibra loves the pampering and I actually enjoy the process, too. I usually throw in a neck or scalp massage and I think watching him slowly relax makes ME feel more relaxed. Maybe I was an esthetician in another life. Plus, since Ibra is a typical guy and does zero skincare maintenance on his own, I feel like I can really see the effect of the products that I use on him. Partly because I take my time. If I was doing it on myself I wouldn’t be as thorough. I really pay close attention to his skin and I can tell when something isn’t hydrating enough, or if it’s too oily or too harsh. I remember once, I put a mask on him then left the bathroom for a few minutes (he had his iPhone in there playing music so he was fine). When I came back, his eyes were red and watering because the product was burning so bad. And he wanted me to leave it on! He thought the pain meant that it was working. He knows better now.

So I tried Chloro Plasma on Ibra over the weekend and he LOVED it. All I told him was that I was using “a really good mask and it’s expensive.” I didn’t think he would really care to know about the gel-to-clay texture and the microcapsules and whatnot. There are a few things he did appreciate, though:


The mask looks grayish-white when you first apply it, but unlike other masks that you just smear on and let sit, you're supposed to rub Chloro Plasma all around your face with a good amount of pressure. As you do this, it turns green because it's made with algae and chlorophyll. In person it looks even greener than it does in this photo. It's very cool to watch it change.


The mask contains clay and it starts feeling really tight as it dries, kind of like it will crack if you smile too much. Ibra had never experienced that sensation before and he was into it. "My skin feels so tight. I'm like Cher with a fresh face lift," he said. "Is this what Botox feels like?"


Despite the tightness, the mask isn't drying at all. Even before I applied moisturizer, Ibra's face was really smooth and it looked radiant, as though all of the gunk was lifted out of each pore. And isn't that what every man wants?

Normally it would take me a few weeks to actually do the mask myself because that's how I roll. But since I knew I wanted to write about it, I tried it a day or two later to get the full experience. It's good! And I'm pretty sure I'll get a kick out of the color-changing thing every time I use it -- on me or my boo.