FINALLY, the $13 BB cream that everyone in the UK obsessed over all last year has landed in the States! DO. YOU. DIE.
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January 30, 2012
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For those of you who missed my original BB creams article from over the summer, I congratulate you, because it was f—ing silly, with too much mania and capitalization and exclamation points. No! I actually mean read it right here and now before you read this article.

No dice? Fine, I will excerpt it for you. It was, incidentally, the post from which these ridiculous photos came:

Oh heyyyy. Here I am vamping at an art gallery in Chelsea with a bunch of BB creams. I was at an event by the Korean dermatologist Dr. Jart+, who is basically the master of them. And boy, it is true -- they make your skin wonderful. GLOWY. CLEAR. YOUTHFUL-LOOKING. With LESS WRINKLES. AND LESS ACNE.

YES, BB creams treat both. And – AND !!! – it’s makeup! And sunscreen! The most wonderful tinted moisturizer ever. Well, for a lot of skin tones, and by a lot I mean lighter skin tones. No, they are not for darker people, though the black makeup artist at the event was using it as highlighter. So there you go!

(They are all one shade you see: biege and translucent-looking, almost ... yet somehow they cover beautifully, too.) And maybe – just MAYBE, because you know I don’t say this unless I REALLY am telling the truth, guys – BB creams make your pores look a little smaller. YUP.

Here’s how you apply them: Just put two or three pumps into your palm and then smear it all recklessly over your face! You barely have to blend it -- it goes on seamlessly, and then YOUR face looks seamless.

So it’s like tinted moisturizer, and a sunscreen and a moisturizer with skin treatment properties: a beauty balm. BB!

I would add to all this now that BB creams were originally used in Germany by dermatologists to help laser surgery patients protect and soothe highly sensitive skin (while still getting light coverage); then Korean film stars found them, declared them the "perfect" beauty product, and they soon became known as the "Korean film star beauty secret." And then they hit the States (for a while, you could only get BB creams here off of Ebay!).

And now there is a drugstore version -- by Garnier, a brand that only started making skincare products a few years ago but have been slaying the game ever since (I am particularly fond of their Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Corrector).

Now I have included an uncharacteristically "natural" looking beauty shot at the top of the article (forgive me for looking so sullen in it; I'm not feeling well today) to illustrate just how lovely this new Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector sits on the skin.

I applied it right after I woke up, no moisturizer underneath, and without a mirror -- just with my hands, and rubbed it on everywhere, with extra attention around my chin (where I break out) and under my eyes and around my nose (where there are shadows).

The effect, as you see, is not greasy at all, or particularly matte, either. Your skin looks like your skin but better, and the whole thing is basically effortless. Best of all, I am protected (moderately) from the sun, an idea that bores me but which I am making an effort to commit to more and more as I grow older, because Garnier's BB Cream has SPF 15.

How is this different from the Dr. Jart+ I previously endorsed? Well, it's cheaper -- only $12.99, about $20 less than Dr. Jart+. And it's dewier, and less pale. And it's available in light/medium and medium/dark.

(Do note that more expensive BB creams generally have higher, better SPF and also better acne-fighting ingredients, if that's a concern for you. SEE: Dr. Jart+ and Boscia.)

Important: this stuff is in the SKINCARE aisle of the drugstore, not the makeup aisle -- so shop accordingly. It's there because it's proven to brighten skin tone, hydrate, and protect. It's also full of mineral ingredients and Vitamin C.

That said, this is probably the first drugstore foundation-type think I've ever heartily endorsed. Woooo!

Have you tried BB creams yet -- and what did you think? And do you use drugstore foundation, ever? How about skincare? Do tell.

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