It’s fun and cheap! Also, peep this pic of me in the shower.
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August 20, 2012
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I use very few beauty products, as my main beauty focus is on my hair. I’ll eschew every makeup product on earth for my favorite hair products. My hair was previously always in a permanent state of shock from some sort of recent hair color disaster, but I have finally committed to being a highlighted champagne blonde for life. However, underneath my current color lurks hair that has been blonde, pink, black, red and then back to blonde again. It needs serious help at all times just to stay attached to my head.

I am so dedicated to my blonde hair that you will notice in the background of the photo above that I have an old-school hair dryer hanging out in my dining room. I use it quite regularly when doing my roots at home via my house-call hairdresser.

WHAT? I live in Hollywood. Hairdressers grow on trees. (Hint: They are way more likely to make a house call if you make out with them.)

I hate any beauty product tested on animals. I do the research and vet everything to make sure they are cruelty-free before I buy. It’s a real bummer if you are someone who goes to the drugstore in the middle of the night to buy random cheap beauty products. It’s kind of my second favorite activity. (Shopping at Target is my first.) I’m always standing in the makeup aisle with ice cream melting in my cart while I Google whatever product I am interested in.

So yeah, I never, ever, ever buy any product tested on animals. Err, except for shampoo. Even though I am a die-hard Wen convert, I am still addicted to properly washing my hair, especially on days when I’ve sweated my balls off at the gym. Until recently, I was still buying big brand animal-tested shampoos in secret, as I hadn’t found any cruelty free ones I loved besides my purple Paul Mitchell, which is not an everyday shampoo.

When I read that Yes To Carrots had a new hair care line, I knew right off the bat that they were a cruelty-free company, as they have been approved by PETA. Their name was always annoying to me, so I have never bothered trying their skin care products. But they got to me with the hair care, that’s my kryptonite. I dropped my $8.99 and tried their new shampoo. (I always spend my own cash on the stuff I recommend to you guys.)

I wanted to test out the Yes To Blueberries formula, as it claims to be for hair repair, and mine has been punished like a whipped dog. However, it was sold out at BOTH stores I went to, and I wasn’t about to go to a third for you creeps, so I settled on the Yes To Cucumbers formula. It’s probably actually the best for me, as it is touted as being formulated for color protection, and I've got a lot of color to protect.

As you can see, the conditioner came with a coupon for $1.00 off the shampoo, so I decided to buy both. I also dug up this 20% off promotion code online that totally appears to work when buying products straight from the Yes To site: YESTO. Enter it at checkout.

The line also features a Yes To Carrots formula for those of you whose scalp tends to be dry and flaky.

Here's the whole dang family.

A personal aside here: After I bought the shampoo and conditioner, I realized that I know the resident Yes To spokesperson (or as they sort of horribly call her, “Stylista”) very well. Gretta Monahan, who you may know from doing makeovers on the Rachael Ray show, was one of my fellow hosts on the short-lived final season of “A Makeover Story” on TLC. She and I traveled all around the country doling out advice to people who had written in to the show.

The only difference between Gretta and I is that her advice was correct and useful. I just used the show as an excuse to try out my comedy material, act the fool and smell people's armpits on television.

Gretta got the job on the show due to her flawless style and gobs of experience -- I got the part because I had no clue it was an audition in the beginning so I just acted like my regular goofy self. Honestly, I am terrified of public speaking and having people look at me in general. However, I had about $36.00 to my name when I suddenly realized that I was in the middle of an audition to star on a TV show, so I had to swallow my fear and knock it out of the park.

I notice that Gretta has edited this long-ago cable TV chapter out of her life story on, but there it is. I bring it up because any time I visit a major company’s website and see the link to their “resident expert,” I inwardly roll my eyes. But Gretta is the real deal, and both her page at the Yes To site and her personal website are well worth checking out.

I made sure to use the Yes To shampoo it on a day when it didn’t matter what my hair looked like. (That would be a day I waited until 7 pm to shower, and then only did so in order not to funk up my bed sheets.) I have very thin, baby fine hair that tends to get weighed down by most shampoos and products, so I always proceed with extreme caution the first time I use anything.

The Yes To Cucumbers shampoo smelled delicious. That is the most important part of any beauty product for me. I am big on smells. I usually lean towards sickening candy-like smells, but the cucumber shampoo was hella crisp and refreshing.

I’m happy to report that the Yes To products actually impressed me. I was able to comb my crazy tangled hair out in the shower even before I used the conditioner. My hair is as parched as the Sahara, so that’s saying something. The conditioner is really lightweight but still very emollient. I am scrupulous about keeeping conditioner off of my always greasy roots, but this didn't weigh them down. I used both the shampoo & conditioner 6 days in a row, and I never had a bad hair day like I usually do when trying something new.

I realized after I bought it that it also has no parabens, petroleum, sodium laureth sulfate or phthalates. I am trying to start being more aware of the chemicals I am introducing into my body.


P.S. Any good cruelty-free products you love? Tell me, I'll buy them all!

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