The xoJane Lipstick List: What's Your Color?

I asked the xoJane staffers to show me their favorite lipstick shades. Plus, one lucky reader will win a lippie prize!
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June 8, 2012
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According to a recent study by Professor Debra Merskin, lipsticks with food and sex themed names are more popular among consumers than say, "darkside" (huh?) or "arts and media" colors. Interesting fact: None of the lippies featured in The 8 Bestselling Lipstick Shades Ever (And How They'll Look On You) gallery are named after food and even sex is a stretch unless you count "Naked."

I decided to do an xoJane lipstick name study by asking staffers to weigh in on their favorite shades and whether they're swayed by a sexy appetizing name.

M.A.C Lipstick in Lady Danger, 14.50

Emily: Everybody already knows my favorite lipstick is M.A.C Lady Danger -- it's the perfect vibrant orange-y red. I've never seen another color that POPS like it. I didn't pick it for the name, but it is an awesome name that I feel compelled to try to live up to when I wear it.

Rouge D'Armani Lipstick

Helena: A famous makeup artist gave me this lipstick from Armani two years ago. It was right before I started my huge national book tour which included three to four cities I used to live in. I've had this bad boy so long I can't read the label anymore but its shiny and nude on me which is impossible to find. It's the only thing I wear on my lips that's not Chapstick. I was never one of the Wet N' Wild Root Beer flavor (is that even the same thing?) type girls. If a lipstick has nude in its nom de plume then I'll buy it.

Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Stiletto, 9

Julieanne: I love Chanel colors, and in lipstick, I only ever wear very red reds. I don't think I've ever really considered the names, because they're all just slutty sounding soubrette named like "Gabrielle." (I do wear a lot of Dr. Pepper though.) Sadly enough, one of the best true reds I've ever found is by Kat Von D in "Stiletto," which is kind of embarrassing. This is me wearing it here (with no other makeup because it was a Don't Leave the House Day so please excuse the deathly pallor/blotchiness).

Chanel Lipstick in Rouge Coco, $32

Madeline: Chanel Rouge Coco. It's not only Chanel, it's the most classic red Chanel carries-- the creme de la creme of classy shit. The first tube I had, I stole from my mom.

Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick in Poppy, $6

Hannah: I don't pick my lipsticks by shade name, I just pick them by how they look when I put them on. And I also like good packaging, it makes me feel fancy. My mood and current hair colour help determine things too. When I was a redhead I really loved bright poppy lipsticks with matte formulas, Joe Fresh's Matte Lipstick in Poppy comes to mind.

I also really love Dior's Ara Red, which was featured in the best-selling lipstick round-up. It makes my green eyes look brighter. I love almost all shades though (except anything too brown or purple-y, reminds me of the 90s), and I think it's fun to have a lipstick "wardrobe" for whatever look I'm going for on any given day.

Tarte LipSurgence in Amused, $24

Daisy: I almost never leave the house in "lipstick" lipstick. I wear a lot of sheer colors, like all of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments with SPF 15. I just feel like actual lipstick is a little high maintenance for me to bust out on a daily basis. I like something I can swipe on that gives me color and SPF protection while I'm on-the-go or on the mountain.

Lately, I've been really into Tarte's LipSurgence Natural Lip Stain because it's a pop of color without the hectic-ness of a lipstick. I'm wearing "Amused" in this picture which is my favorite. Only bummer is that it doesn't have SPF. (And that's Lamby behind me on the bed; he was being really shy for some reason.)

Laura Mercier Nude Lip Glace in Bare Blush, $24

Julie: Lipstick on the rim of a cup or a straw makes me sick so I rarely wear the stuff. I will do a trashy-hot nude gloss like the one pictured above. I don't choose my lipwear for the shade name as you can see -- is there anything more dull than Bare Blush? -- but a weird title is always appreciated.

Estee Lauder Doublewear Lipstick in Stay Scarlett, $25

Phoebe: Like many British women who were teenagers in the ‘90s, my first lipstick experience was with the mighty Heather Shimmer by Rimmel. This was a slightly iridescent browny-red that was had that grungy-goth-riot-grrrl thing down pat and looked slightly different on everyone. I seem to remember it smelled lovely too. Recently I found its grown-up equivalent – Private Red by DuWop, which is a similar dark reddish brown that adapts to the wearer’s chemistry to give you a shade that suits your skintone. It’s very moisturizing and looks hot.

When I got a job as an AP girl I learned how much fun retro red and pink lipsticks were to wear and they became my trademark. I used to wear a neon pink gloss by 3 Custom Color but I don’t think they make it anymore (SOB), ditto for the fuchsia lipstick by Bourjois which had a little mirror in the lid. Whyyyy??? Oh wait, I checked and maybe they just changed the packaging.

I flit between lots of different reds at the moment, but the one I love best is MAC Russian Red because I found out my current beauty crush, Rachel Khoo, wears it.

YSL Rouge Volupe in No. 8, $32

Olivia: Maybe I could find this exact shade at Duane Reade for $2.69. But not only is the square tube seductively classic, this lipstick smells good. Oh, and I think it does my DSLs good.

OK, OK, your turn! What is your favorite lipstick and how do you choose the color? Are you swayed by sex and food titles? Winner (who I will choose at random) gets a lippie prize!

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