I Prefer Beauty Products for Adults, Thanks

Crayola nail polish? I'll pass.
Publish date:
June 27, 2012
nail polish, aging, youth, expensive, The National Gallery

"Omigod! We have to call these in!" squealed Olivia earlier this week when she saw pictures of Crayola's new collection of crayon inspired nail polish.

"Nah, I'm good," I said.

Crayola is for kids!

I'm not always impervious to cute. Madeline's Hello Kitty nails make me smile. I just prefer beauty products for adults. Blame my mother who took me to see Quinten Massey's painting "A Grotesque Old Woman" at The National Gallery when I was a child. She's obsessed with Massey's portrayal of an older woman dressed innapropriately for her age.

"Does this make me look like "A Grotesque Old Woman?" my mother will ask when she's unsure of a pair of jeans or a lipstick or something. The painting has always been her reference point for anything that looks too young and she cites it relentlessly.

Crayola crayon nail polish is nostalgic and comforting like Girl Scout Cookie scented Lip Smackers. That's fine. But when given the choice, I choose sexy makeup that makes me feel expensive and mature even though my towels are all freebies from beauty events and I haven't bought new sheets since college. I've also been known to eat toddler food and use baby wipes. It doesn't make any sense.

Do you go crazy for kiddie makeup or would you rather keep it grown and sexy with Tom Ford body scrub and Agent Provocateur nipple balm? Tell me.

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