Do You Share Your Deodorant?

Or lip gloss, or mascara, or makeup brushes? When it comes to sharing beauty products, I want to know where you draw the line.
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April 9, 2012
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Madeline bonds with my deo

I keep a toothbrush at one of my friend's apartments and I'm convinced that she lets other guests use it too when I'm not around. She's a notorious toothbrush sharer. I know this because when we went away together recently, she forgot to pack her toothbrush and shared with another friend the whole time instead of buying a new one.

I'm not down with having my toothbrush in anyone else's mouth, but I'll share a razor any day. Seriously, I don't care if your razor is exclusively for vagina shaving, I'll still use it on my legs. Ditto deodorant. I let the hairiest of house-guests use my

Degree Stick

and it doesn't gross me out in the slightest.

When it comes to makeup, I'm okay with sharing eyeliner and foundation, but makeup brushes and anything for the mouth are firm "no share" items. And when I say "no share" I mean I wish I didn't have to let you use these, but I have no choice.

Inability to share is sort of childish and unattractive, especially if it's rooted in germaphobia. So when someone asks to use

my Bobbi Brown Mascara

or something, I'm all, "yeah, of course, go ahead!" and then I throw it away once they're done.

All this bacteria banter has me thinking about towel hygene. Did you see the episode of Chelsea Handler featuring the

True Clean Towel?

This bad boy is designed to prevent the spread of germs by designating towel real estate to "top" and "bottom." Pas mal if you ask me.

Now I want to know where do


stand on beauty germs. Which beauty products you share and which you keep to yourself? What do you think of the

True Clean Towel?

Let's talk about it!

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