I Use These Products to Save My Gorgeous Hair from Evil Winter Hat Head

My hair is clearly my best feature even when I walk ten blocks in negative temperatures.
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January 7, 2016
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We have entered the part of winter that's just awful. The weather can be as gross as it wants before the holidays because it's like, "Yay Christmas," and snow is always fun on New Year's Eve. I mean, I never remember it, but I'm guessing that's the case.

Now? Now we're all in horrible post-holiday slumps. We've returned to the daily grind and have no parties, gifts, or days off to look forward to. It's official, guys! Winter sucks.

But you know sucks the most about winter? Hat head.

I used to not care! I never wore a hat because, I'm sorry, but my hair is very cute at all times, and I'm not going to ruin that. Pneumonia? Please. There's constantly so much whiskey running through my system that I'm basically invincible to all germs and viruses.

But, now that I am — what's the word again, oh, right — an adult, I make sure to wear a hat so I don't freeze my, you know, balls off. But I'm not happy about it.

My hair is clearly my best feature, so I want to make sure it looks freshly styled at all times, even when I walk ten blocks in negative temperatures. Here are a few standbys that always help my hair look like I am a carefree snow bunny.

Bumble & Bumble Cityswept Finish

OMG send help I love this product.

Let me level with you right quick. When I get out of the shower, I spend a lot of time making myself look like I haven't showered at all, and it all starts with my hair. If I could pass as a pastel Pete Doherty at all times, that would be just fine.

I love a good texture spray, but a good texture spray is hard to find. Many of them are too sticky like a hair spray or too tacky like a weird wax mist. I can't count how many times I've sprayed a new product into my hair, only to immediately put my hair under the shower head and shampoo it back out (and you know how much I hate washing my hair).

Cityswept Finish sprays in as light as a dry shampoo, but without any of the grit. It doesn't have any oil absorbing powders like a dry shampoo, so you're not going to get any of the drying buildup. Bumble & Bumble actually define this as a "misting balm" which gives shine, texture, and separation, without the weight or stickiness of other spray texture products.

For me, it's the perfect weight, and builds nicely if you want to add another layer of texture, or even add more and restyle it the next day without washing.

When I'm out of the shower, I'll work a hair oil through my hair, softly blowdry, and then separate my hair into four sections about an inch or two apart from the crown of my gigantic head to the hairline, adding a spray of this at the base of each. Then style to my hair looks like slept-in sex hair :).

And then I'll throw on a hat :(.

Here's a before and after, or whatever.

This is a badly-framed picture of me applying Cityswept Finish:

Then me in a dumb hat which I think I wore for...we're gonna say 2o minutes, the time of my normal wintry commute.

Then hat head:

FLAT FLAT FLAT. If you were ever curious about the exact shape of my skull, there you have it. Someone make me into a cameo.

And then finally, here's my hair fluffed back up into it's normal, styled-but-not state:

Texture! Dimension! And It's all because I had Cityswept Finish working for me under my had the whole time. Ooh, I really like that second photo actually. It makes it look like I'm not even trying! Even though I am always trying very hard.

But that's not all.

Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER

DOO.OVER is a spray powder specifically designed to extend the life of your hairstyle on its second day, or longer. What sets this apart from a dry shampoo is that it doesn't become stale and gritty throughout wear, or create a buildup of stale product that was supposed to extend the life of your style, only to make you want to wash it. That's what attracted me to this product in the first place, texture and style that doesn't go stale.

They key ingredient is tapioca starch which keeps hair soft while removing excess oil, so this does help knock out oil, which is a big part of what differentiates it from the previous spray. Pair that with a molding resin found it in traditional hairsprays, and you're able to salvage yesterday's blowout, or restyle it if you want to switch it up.

This adds texture, hold, and shine, without making it cling to itself, which is what makes it so great under your winter hat. You can toss your hair around and make it look like you took an Uber to the bar instead of walking half a mile in the blistering winds. Plus, you can still run your hand through your hair! You know when you're casually to push your bangs back and your hand gets caught halfway through...nevermind. I don't want to talk about it.

Finally, hair powders!

Redken's Powder Grip 03 + Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play

Above, we have Redken's Powder Grip 03, $15, which is a little more mattifying of the two, and Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play, $7, which definitely has a little more grip.

Dry shampoos are basically cans of spray powder. These? These are basically that powder, sans the can. Sometimes you've just gotta go for it, man. On their own, these powders don't have as long of a lifespan as the aforementioned products. They will tend to get a little gritty by the second day. However, grit isn't always a bad thing.

When I know that my hair is going to be trapped under a hat for a long time, or if I'm traveling over multiple days, I'll take one of these with me. You have to be careful when you use them — a little bit goes a long way. Use them sparingly because you don't have a spray nozzle to evenly disperse them. Too much and it will look like someone poured cocaine all over your head (again).

Here's my method: I part my hair in probably three places, and reach my arm up as high as it can go, and them tap out one or two shakes, letting it fall to rest at my roots. The powders immediately take care of an oil that's hanging out and give my hair insane texture. Having more of a concentration of a powder product at your roots also makes restyling the second day a sure fire, because this will keep oil at bay and make hair fun to mess around with.

What are your favorite texture products or dry shampoos? How to you freshen up your style on the second day? Tell me everything below!

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