Will anyone give me a silver dip dye??

I am still adamant that someone somewhere will give me the silver purple dip dye I am so desperately after.
Publish date:
June 19, 2012

So basically, nobody wants to butcher my hair. Or at least they don't want to whilst filmed on camera and posted on xoJane UK. Which is fair enough, they have reps to protect and stuff. But unfortunately it's not such great news for me.

Give me what I want!

Apparently dip dyes are out. I have a dip dye and have had for about a year. I’m not a total sheep to change my hair style based purely on what's in or out, but whilst I really like my current ‘do and think it suits my style well, I'm definitely bored of the whole darks roots/blonde ends combo. Plus, having naturally jet black hair already lightened, it felt a shame to turn it back into a 'normal' healthy hair style so soon considering the lightening work for something else was already semi done. I decided before I inevitably do go normal - which is very in, FYI - I wanted one last hurrah with my bleached ends and decided my next look would be the same style, but with a silver purple/pink dip dye!

That doesn’t sound too hard, does it?! Surely all that you'd need to do is re-lighten the ends and whack on the dye, right? Wrong. It was actually so unachievable I was turned away from TWO SALONS. They flat out refused to do it on me.

Here is Jason Cocking, Creative Director of Lisa Shepherd London, breaking the news to me...

Jason pretty much said, and I’m quoting him here as I have it in the edited out take video footage, that he could try it but I would then be taking my hair home in a bag. Not the most encouraging words!

But I’m no quitter, despite the fact that two colourists have refused to work on me, or more to the point work on me in the way I want! I am still adamant that someone somewhere will give me the silver purple dip dye I am so desperately after. It's like that Sex and the City episode where Charlotte wanted to convert to Judaism but kept getting turned away from the Rabbi. She had to keep going back and going back to prove she was serious and eventually she succeeded. Having just written that out I realise it's actually nothing like that but the point I'm making is that I will keep going and going and eventually, a little bit like Charlotte, I will find someone who will agree to do it, and agree to it confidently without such risks of taking my hair home in a bag.


Do you guys think I’m acting illogically and it’s all too risky? What style do you think I should go for instead? It might not be too late to stop me potentially taking my hair home in a bag!