THIS IS WHY I’M HOT: An Extra-Saucy Beauty Interview with 2010 PLAYMATE OF THE YEAR Hope Dworaczyk

Fine, it's not THAT saucy. But she and I use the same amazing drugstore self-tanner! I feel soooo validated.
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November 29, 2011
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Hope Dworaczyk is the crazy-gorgeous model that it’s completely pointless to be jealous of, and instead you just have to friggin’ CELEBRATE HER! Always remember that being around beautiful people makes you more beautiful, and so does interviewing them about why and how they are so absurdly good-looking and therefore important. Read on.

CAT: OK, so I’m the beauty and health director, so this is going to be sort of a shallow interview. I really want to know how you look so great!

HOPE: Thanks. OK, no problem.

Also, I’m pro-Playboy and PRO-sexy! Just FYI.

Oh…that’s good!

Umm, okay. Let me get my questions together. I’m the worst interviewer ever. Umm…Where do you live?

Los Angeles.

What neighborhood?


Do you have any pets?

No pets. I travel a lot!

Do you have a boyfriend?


What does he do?

Um, he’s an actor. I don’t…I don’t talk about that stuff.

(Ooh, maybe he is famous! I know she used to date Dallas Mavericks star Jason Kidd, if that means anything you guys.)

Have you slept with anyone famous? [Was too wimpy to ask that]

So you were Playmate of the Year for 2010, and your reign is just now coming to an end. That’s awesome! Congratulations. How has your life changed?

It’s opened up more doors for my work--

It’s kind of like being extra-sexy Miss America, right?

Haha, right. Like Naked Miss America.

What was your first shoot for Playboy like? And how did you prepare for it?

I wasn’t nervous at all. Everyone was more worried about setting up lights then caring about whether I was naked or not. Of course, you do everything you can to get as smooth as you can: exfoliate, shave, a little body makeup. In the weeks leading up to the shoot, you’d think I’d would have been not eating but I never ate so much in my life! I guess I was nervous leading up to it, but I have the opposite under-pressure reaction. Like, I couldn’t get into the gym, I couldn’t diet. I was nervous.

I’m the same way when I have something coming up! Did you tan? Do you tan? Because I always wonder about models -- they have to be tan, for sure, but then actual sun is so bad for your skin. What do you do?

You know, I’m a big CVS and Duane Reade kind of girl. I like to be able to go in and buy what I need for that; I don’t want to go to the department store for the fancy stuff. What I use at home now when I have a shoot is L'Oreal Paris Sublime—

(interrupting rudely) In the clear spray bottle? L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gel?


That’s what I use! That’s what I tell everyone to use! Omigod, I feel so validated.

Really? Yeah, I love it. I was applying it to my girl friend’s back, helping her, and I couldn’t believe how great it looked -- I was like, “You are brown!” It really conceals cellulite, too. I always have extra bottles of it under my sink.

It's the best! Lancome self-tanners are REALLY the best, and L'Oreal owns Lancome, so L'Oreal makes the best drugstore self-tanners. But moving on. OK, so can I ask you about some intimate stuff -- like body hair removal? It’s just so Playmate-y; I sort of have to. What do you do about body hair? Do you laser?

That’s OK! Yes, I laser. I’ve been in the process of lasering for like two years -- it’s really made a difference. My hair’s not coarse anymore, though it’s definitely taken a while! It always takes more sessions than they tell you. But my hair is significantly thinner. In the beginning I went every six weeks; now I go every few months or so. I’ve had probably eight treatments. I do my legs, my underarms. So, yeah, anytime I feel the hair getting coarse I call and make an appointment.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I had egg whites. I'm on this new health kick! I've been drinking Tay Tea. It’s got pieces of dark chocolate! When I’d get hungry I’d have this Better Than Sex tea, the chocolate one, and I dropped like five pounds I’d been trying to drop. And ever since then I've been on a health kick and motivated to eat really healthy.

How do you work out?

I do Pilates on a reformer three times a week and cardio three times a week.

On the treadmill?


What speeds to do you run? I'm trying to start running again.

I'm not really a runner -- I have bigger boobs and everything. Right now I’m at 6.0 running and then a 3.5 walking, and I just alternate every two minutes. I think the intervals are good. When I’m bored I get on my elliptical.

What do you listen to when you work out?

Katy Perry, Kanye, Jay-Z. Upbeat stuff.

Okay, let's talk more about beauty products. What perfume do you wear? How about body lotion?

For lotion I just use Eucerin -- it's not oily-oily, just very moisturizing. My perfume tray is stocked but what I’m really into and what I get the most compliments on -- from men AND women -- is a combination: I mix Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia with Jo Malone Orange Blossom. It creates the freshest just-out-of-the-shower scent. I'm obsessed with it.

What do you use on your face?

I wash my face with anything from, like, Whole Foods. An all-natural cleansing gel or whatever. And I always use La Mer as moisturizer.

What's in your makeup bag?

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. Some days, I just wear that and nothing else...

I'm always finishing off my entire look with Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder...

I will not use anything else but Maybelline Volume Mag'Num Express Mascara in the yellow tube...

I like Tom Ford lipsticks -- the shade True Coral is the perfect orangey-red.

There's this great Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder that I shade the sides of my nose with...

I love Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen as undereye brightener. Sometimes I'll use it to create a line directly down the middle of the nose, to make my nose look thinner. It's a classic makeup artist trick.

Is any of your hair fake? How do you take care of it?

I have extensions -- bondage extensions. When it gets down my back it gets unhealthy, so I have this shower routine that I never change: I always wash my hair once for getting product out, then I condition it again, then I wash it againwith a shampoo for fine hair --for volume. I wash after conditioner. It really creates crazy volume.

You have amazing eyebrows -- I am eyebrow-obsessed! How do you maintain them?

I actually don't do that much to them. I go to Anastasia for brows every six months, then in between, once a week maybe, I pluck in the mirror with tweezers.

And finally, ummm...What do you think is the sexiest brand of underwear?

Kiki de Montparnasse.


And there you have it. What's in YOUR makeup bag right now? Or whatever kind of comment you want to leave...XO

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All photos by Peter Svenson