Fine, You Win: I Transform Myself Into Amy Winehouse

Who is your Celebrity Doppelganger?
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May 23, 2012
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Have you ever watched television with someone whose observations are all physical comparisons? I have a friend who finds a doppelganger for each face she sees on the screen. Everyone looks like her boyfriend. She can't tell the difference between Keira Knightly and Nathalie Portman, and Paris Hilton bears a strange resemblance to Dwyane Wade.

I'm happy to identify celebrity lookalikes all day, but the fun stops once a real person is brought into the equation. Telling someone that they look like your best friend from college isn't just a conversation killer, it's also sort of creepy.

Ditto offensive doppelgangers. Corynne told me three times yesterday that I look like Ryer, her pitbull pup. I have a very clear twin and it's not a canine. My lookalike is the late Amy Winehouse, duh. We not only share the same face, our body types match as well. Our features are so similar that several readers have requested an Amy Winehouse makeover.

At first I thought transforming myself into a gone-too-soon celebrity might be in poor taste. Especially considering that Winehouse's father publicly disparaged the use of his daughter's likeness in Jean Paul Gaultier's spring 2012 couture collection.



Ultimately though, Winehouse's signature winged eyeliner, voluminous jet-black hair and tattooed skin are as much a part of her legacy as her voice. Since Winehouse never did a traditional beauty interview (as far as I know) I don't know which products the singer actually used to do her makeup so I just used what I had.


To begin, I smoothed a layer of (1) Giorgio Armani Designer Lift in 7 over my entire face using clean fingertips then blotted off the excess with a tissue and applied another. Next I dotted (2) Cover FX Conceal FX in Light around my eyes. I dusted my entire face with (3) Make Up Forever HD Powder. For eyes, the most important part, I didn't have a thick liquid liner which would have been quicker so I used (4) Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To Die For Liner to create a really exaggerated cat-eye, curling the line up to the end of my eyebrows. Lashes aren't a huge part of the look so I just applied one coat of (5) Tarte Gifted. For Winehouse's pale lip, I coated my lips in a clear balm then blended a tiny blob of the Cover FX Concealer on top to neutralize any redness.

Back to celebrity doppelgangers. Who do you look like? We all have someone. Go on, tell me.

*P.S. Send your best lookalike pics to -- I'm making a gallery!

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