6 Options For Coping With Fading Ombré Hair

I need to take action soon or I’ll end up looking like I’m wearing a bad Halloween wig that’s been hanging out at the bottom of my daughter’s dress-up chest.
Publish date:
November 7, 2014
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It was early summer 2014, and the ombré hair trend had been mainstream for a while. Even people who had complained about the fact that two toned hair just looked like a bad dye job growing out were starting to appreciate the carefree, natural-looking color.

I had been rocking what I affectionately deemed “poor girl’s ombré,” a.k.a. my old hair dye had faded and my ends were lighter than my roots, so I decided to make the effect more pronounced. I made the risky decision to DIY it with L'Oréal Feria Ombre. I figured if it was really awful, I’d just have to cut an inch or two off my hair, which grows pretty fast anyway.

But I got lucky. It looked more than half-decent, and I felt summery and cool.

Fast-forward several months to now, and my hair is long and ultra-dry and brassy. I’m not sure what to do with my mess of thick, wavy, unruly hair. I keep getting a huge knot in it from sleeping. I need to take action soon or I’ll end up looking like I’m wearing a bad Halloween wig that’s been hanging out at the bottom of my daughter’s dress-up chest.

So I’m examining my options.

1. Trim and ombré all over again.

The truth is, I’m still in love with ombré. It looks beachy and sexy and like you didn’t put any effort and just WOKE UP LIKE THIS. I’m considering getting a really good trim and touching up the ends with another box. It’s not summer, but I might even go a bit lighter. (Why does the season have to dictate hair color?)

2. Updo exploration.

These are two of my go-to looks while I’m deciding what to do. When my hair is absolutely unmanageable, the messy topknot (accessorized with my favorite sunglasses here) or a braid crown save the day.

3. Full-on haircut.

The lob? The bob? The Bob Loblaw? (If you get that joke, we can hang.)

To be honest, I could probably use more than a trim, but I haven’t had really long hair since maybe 2007, and it took work and patience. But a new haircut/look is always fun and refreshing, so I’m tempted.

4. Deep condition and hope for the best.

This is what I have been doing regularly while I make up my mind. I tried a coconut/olive oil mask two weeks ago, which was amazing, and I’ve also been alternating with an OGX deep conditioning treatment in the shower, though I haven’t been pleased with the results. I fear it’s because my hair is really, really damaged beyond the delicious-smelling magic of a drugstore conditioner.

5. Crazy-color tips.

I don’t think I’m whimsical enough to rock a colored hairdo every single day, but I did take advantage of my lighter hair to do some temporary purple hair dye for Halloween.

The color was a little sticky, but it (almost) covers up the fact that my ends are parched. And it was really fun and made me feel a bit alterna-girl.

6. Eternal bedhead/beach hair.

If your hair is already kind of dry, like mine, a little sea salt spray -- Bumble and bumble's is my favorite, when I can afford it -- will add even more texture and beachiness to your look.

How have you handled no-longer-fresh ombré hair?