What Is It With Celebs Going Blonde All The Time?

More than ever, lighter hair color seems like a mandatory rite of passage for young stars.

I came across an article earlier this week about how Jourdan Dunn was spotted going out to dinner with Naomi Campbell looking all chic and fabulous. It’s not exactly the most exciting news, but Naomi is one of my favorite models of all time (bad behavior and all) so I’ll pretty much click anything that has her name in the headline.

But when I saw the story, the thing that jumped out at me the most was Jordan’s hair. She’s been lightening it up and now she’s got the blonde ombre thing going on. I thought, Oh wow, you too?

I don’t remember exactly who or what triggered it, but I started noticing that at a certain point in their careers, A LOT of celebrities go blonde -- regardless of their race. And often times, they never go back. The hair color always looks gorgeous, of course, because they’re going to the best pros out there, but there’s something about watching these women follow this same, cookie-cutter formula that really irks me. The color switcheroo always seems to happen at predictable moments such as:

1. When the celeb is on the come up and wants to get more publicity.

2. When the celeb’s career is faltering and they want to get more publicity.

3. When the celeb is getting negative publicity and they want to change the conversation (Anne Hathaway comes to mind).

I get why these kind of moves are necessary—showbiz is cutthroat and you have to fight like hell to stay relevant. But why is blonde typically the most popular go-to for everyone? Sure, red, brown and black switch-ups happen for movie roles and random purple dye jobs pop up in the mix, but blonde seems to rule. Here are a few examples.

I can’t imagine the intense pressures of being a celebrity. There are all of the agents and PR people and managers and stylists dictating what projects they should take, what events to go to and how to look. Plus there’s the constant fear that must come from wanting to stay in the spotlight and knowing that so many stars have short careers before fade away, never to be heard from again. And looks are EVERYTHING. It’s no doubt tough to stay true to yourself. Especially when the “right” image can lead to big bucks.

As someone with years in the beauty biz under my belt, I’ve done my share of oohing and ahhing over all of the shiny, pretty artfully designed blonde hair. Hey, it looks fantastic! But lately…I don’t know. Watching all of these women change themselves to fit such a specific mold bugs me even though I can guess some of the reasons why they're doing it. Does this bother you, too or do I need to calm the eff down?