I Like My Lipstick Like I Like My Women -- Wet N Wild

First you guys, then Hello Giggles. The universe wanted me to write about Wet N Wild lipsticks.
Publish date:
September 13, 2011

Clockwise starting upper left: Mega Last Lip Color in Vamp It Up, Mega Last Lip Color in Stoplight Red, Mega List Lip Color in Smokin' Hot Pink.

The other day, my reader crush MissCaraMia sent me a hot tip about Wet N' Wild's "Cherry Bomb" lipstick, in exchange for my recommendation of Revlon's "Really Red," which she bought and tried and now calls the "best.red.evah."

So when I came across this Hello Giggles post on the same topic, it seemed fated that my legs would carry me to my local drug store, where I wold purchase a cornucopia of cheapo lipsticks and then most likely write about it, as I do everything.

Hi HelloGiggles! I hope you are not mad I am stealing your post. I give you full credit. Speaking of the "competition," if there's one thing I've learned from Jane Pratt, it's that women can read more than one website, and that we don't have to pit ourselves against one another. See, cause when we were launching this website, reporters kept trying to get Jane to say something mean about Jezebel (CATFIGHT!) and she never would. Because she thinks that women's sites pitting themselves against each other is the new version of women tearing other women and their work down.

But I digress, 'cause I was talking 'bout some lipsticks! I want to keep it totally real -- these are 3-dollar lipsticks and you can tell. The darker shades go on like chalk. I highly recommend a brush and a liner if you want them to look right.

Top: Mega Last Lip Color in Just Peachy, Bottom: Mega Last Lip Color in Think Pink

That said, these are 3-dollar lipsticks! I would have spent that money on like, half a container of pre-cut pineapple. I am too lazy to slice my own fruit.

Also, I cut my own bangs. You can tell. Whatever.

Many thanks to Intern Olivia, whom I make take photos of me all day like my own personal papparazzi.

In summation: Ladies be liking other ladies and that's cool. Wet N Wild Lipsticks are cheap and the colors are good, but apply carefully. They're also a great place to pick up temporary replacements of the "I had a one-night stand and now I need morning-after eyeliner" or "It's 3 days to payday but these brows aint gonna fill themselves" variety. Also, trying 5 lipsticks in like 10 minutes is sort of exhausting.