How I Turned My Tangled Hair Smooth Using Wonderful Wen

When I was a little girl I did everything in my power to avoid washing and combing my unruly hair. I used to look like one of those feral children they find in the woods, raised by wolves except the wolves would have probably disowned me because animals usually have some basic grooming habits.
Publish date:
March 11, 2013
wen, frizzy hair, sulfate-free shampoo

My mother wanted to murder me, once a week she would painstakingly untangle the new born dreads forming at the nape of my neck. I was a mess, but somehow still best friends with the most popular girl in school. Little kid hierarchies are weird.

As I grew older and crazy hair became less socially acceptable, I learned to pay more attention to my hair. I tried every hair care product money we didn't have could buy. My mom hoarded shampoo, we had every shampoo on the shelves. I think it was some kind of a nervous breakdown thing and it drove my Dad insane. At least once during every fight (and there were many) I would hear him shout "AND GET RID OF ALL THE FUCKING SHAMPOO!" I'm pretty sure it was one of the reasons for their divorce.

I, however, had no hard feelings towards the hair cleansers, I enjoyed testing a new one out every day. I liked the different colors and smells. My polyamourous relationship with hair care went along beautifully, until I decided to stop flat ironing my hair every day. Some people have straight hair. Some people have curly hair. I have paininthefuckingass hair. The top is flat, then it poofs out like a poodle. Almost every shampoo I tried left me wanting.

It wasn't until I discovered Wen Cleansing Conditioner and returned to my shampoo-hating roots that my hair was at its best. If you stay up till all hours watching cable because you are a degenerate who should get a normal job (ahem) you've seen the commercials for Wen. It starts off with a frizzy haired model getting washed with Wen, then when her hair is dried, it's magically sleek and shiny with no additional hair products needed!

Ok, let me just level with you on the "no additional hair products" thing: not so much. Sorry, but if your hair is generally the type of hair that requires creams and serums and sprays it will still need those things. It will probably need those things no matter what you use unless you sell your soul to the Pantene gods or something, I don't know what to tell you. It can totally give you shinier, healthier hair though!

I have dabbled in sulfate-free shampoos before, but this gave my hair just enough weight to keep it frizz-free without making the top greasy. In the past I tried skipping shampoo most days but the top of my hair became way too flat. Wen has achieved the most balance I can probably ever hope for. As I'm prone to a more oily scalp, dandruff is not an issue for me but a friend with dry scalp issues and eczema claims it does wonders for that as well so that's pretty cool.

Unfortunately this product can get a little costly because you do have to use a lot of it since it doesn't lather. I read somewhere it makes a good shaving cream though and it does! If you're someone who spends a lot on fancy shaving cream because your skin is sensitive, this is a two in one product. The bottle says to leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it out, but I find this leaves my hair tangled. If I wash it out right after, I have no problem.

I have no idea if this is a problem specific to me or what the deal is, but if you're finding your hair tangled try washing it out right after cleansing. You can also apparently leave some of this in as a "leave in conditioner" but I haven't had much luck with that either. I really just use it as a replacement shampoo/conditioner, but that alone is worth it to me.

My hair does feel healthier in general since Wen doesn't strip your hair the way most shampoos would. It gently cleanses sebum, dirt, and product residue with noninonic surfactants. Conditioning agents... condition. As they are wont to do. Wen includes plant-derived oils such a jojoba oil and shea butter as nourishing emollients. I'm currently enjoying the "sweet almond" scent, but there are a few diverse options to choose from if aroma is important to you.

My beauty product related attention span is admittedly gnat-like, but I intend to stick with Wen for the foreseeable future. I am really enjoying the results so far. My hair is less frizzy, smoother, has fewer noticeable split ends. I'm not sure how Wen will hold up in the summer, but for now I'm enjoying the most consistently decent hair of my life. The wolves may even take me back.