These Beauty Products Made Moving So Much Less Stressful

Going from 1500 square feet on the fifth floor to 750 on the sixth--with no elevators--was quite the challenge.
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November 17, 2015
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I somehow managed to stay parked in one (mostly) fabulous apartment for six whole years. In New York City, one of the most costly places to live and where rent increases and gentrification abound, that’s an epic feat. I parted ways with my roommate (and his adorable kittehs), one of my best friends, to start a home with just my love, and after weeks and weeks of searching, paperwork, and drama, here we are surrounded by clutter and boxes, ready to take on this next chapter.

Thank Gaia for love and beauty products, because they see you through some really hard times! Going from 1500 square feet on the fifth floor to 750 on the sixth with no elevators was quite the challenge. Halving your space and adding 18 more steps can really throw off your feng shui! Throw in hours of painting and light renovations in both places to appease some of the most demanding landlords known to Earth and we’re talking a nearly eight-week ordeal that’s only finally nearing closure.

With the love of my sweet Andy and the blessings of the beauty deities, I can finally say phew!

First Blessing: Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Pillow Mist

I could easily DIY a room mist or pillow spray. But guess what—all of my essential oils were lovingly packed for what I thought was a week and turned into three. With DIY being out of the question, Earth Therapeutics' Anti-Stress Pillow Mist felt like it was a message from above.

I’m extraordinarily scent-sensitive, and when you are gross and tired (or your S.O. is) and your sheets could be cleaner, you just need to mist. In this case, using aromatherapy to help me pretend that I’m maintaining my usual Martha Stewart-ness is a major aid to my wellbeing. This one is laced with sleep-inducing chamomile and lavender, and when misted on my pillow with my new sink-in memory foam mattress, I’m sleeping better despite the drama.

Second Blessing: Lab Samples and Trial-Size Babies

Keeping my products safe was an important step in moving, and again, things took much longer than anticipated. Leaving my full sizes safe and sound in their box was not as big of a deal thanks to my hoarding of trial sizes from some really great brands like Tata Harper, Jurlique, and SK-II.

The only thing better than free trial samples is lab samples. Right now I’m testing some launches that I’m sure you will hear all about in the near future. They have held me down while dealing with limited access to my full-size hoard.

Third Blessing: Cutting-Edge Masks from Revelations Rx

Biocellulose masks are better than cotton sheet masks by miles. These gorgeous examples from Revelations Rx use technology originally created to treat wounds to make their super-short ingredient list penetrate much deeper into the skin. Using just the big actives were used to like retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and very few additives, their proprietary method surrounds the active molecules with a micellar structure. This renders the treatment active the perfect size and magnetic charge to hitch a ride into deeper layers of the skin.

These masks stay on while you go about your daily life. I was even able to wallpaper my fridge with one on! The bioferment mask traps all that goodness better than any cotton sheet, and you’re left with super-plump and treated skin.

I really put myself through the ringer these past few weeks, but now that things are starting to come together, rays of joy and hope are peeking out from behind the clouds. Thanks to these products, I didn’t pull too much hair out, and it was all just a bit more bearable.

  • Who else moved recently? Or will be soon?
  • What's the first beauty product you insist on unpacking?
  • Y’all like my new tropical wallpaper? I’m obsessed!

Photos: Maria Penaloza