Forget My Makeup Bag — My Gym Bag Is Where I Keep the Really Good Stuff

It's my home away from home, filled with things that keep me stitched together in human form.

Inside my purse is my wallet, crumpled receipts, tampons, a bunch of lipsticks and lip balms, a notebook, Precise v5 pens (my absolutely favorite), $1.73 in loose change, and an old Amtrak ticket.

Welcome to my life necessities, most of which are not necessary.

Why do I need seven different varieties of red lipstick with me at all times? I don't. But it's comforting to me to have options. The items in my purse are absolutely what I need — but it's actually not my survival bag.

Can I show you my gym bag? This is where the good stuff lives. These products are with me my most of the time and keep me stitched together in human form for when I'm on the go and feeling scattered, which is a lot of the time.

I sometimes feel like I live out of my gym bag, always commuting or traveling or hustling from one place just to be late to the next place. Exercise, work, freelance projects, friends, home — ya know, there's a lot to do in a day's time. The items in your bag can keep you grounded when you don't have time to go to your home base.

This is my home away from home — my dailies.

currexSole Insoles

I have to wear insoles with literally every pair of shoes I own. Years of improper shoes — too-tight ballet flats, too-high heels — and not enough love have left me with some mad bunions and cranky arches. Gross, I know.

Now, I treat them as best as I can both in the gym and outside the gym. These currexSoles are a great addition to tennis shoes and are tailored to your type of foot structure.

Zamst Compression Socks

Have you ever tried compression socks? You guys! These are not only used for post-operation recovery like I once thought. These are great during or after workout sessions to improve circulation, which will help your muscles recover and decrease inflammation and lactic acid buildup.

Wild Seed Apothecary Mouth Rinse

Like the most loving, loyal pet, this can go anywhere with you and be beneficial to your well-being. I like to work out in the morning, and even though I brush my teeth beforehand, there is quite a lot of mouth-breathing and huffing and puffing that I cannot control when exercising. So, I like a little refresh with me.

The Wild Seed Apothcary Mouth Rinse does a great job of providing freshness with a naturally clean feeling and without any of the stringent alcohol taste.

Glossier Flavored Balm Dotcom Trio

This a general must-have product for me. Whether you work out outdoors or at the gym or don't even work out but are just living in the world at large, lip balm has to be within reach at all times. I have a strong tendency to bite my lips. even more so when they're dry which, is something that happens when working out.

Glossier's Balm Dotcom has a thick, dense coat that protects your lips and stays on without being sticky. I'm a big fan of the new rose flavor.

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo

Dealer's choice, of course. There are so many types of dry shampoos on the market, and everyone has their favorites, because when you find something that works, you don't often stray, there's too much on the line. Batiste is my favorite. It's inexpensive, I haven't found another brand that works as well as keeping my hair faux-fresh, and I enjoy the way it smells.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios SX

A face lotion with sunscreen will forever and always be used by me. How are we all still talking about the importance of moisturizing and the importance of sunscreen?

This step in whatever your morning routine is should always be followed. I am reiterating this because I care.

EnduroPacks Daily MicroNutrient System

This is a very easy well to add electrolytes back into your body after a good workout. Especially for someone like me who is not keen on energy drinks or shakes or sports drinks, this is a good alternative.

In addition to these items, I also carry Old Spice deodorant because it works way better than any women's deodorant I've tried, just a mess of loose bobby pins, and, ya know, workout clothes and clothes clothes.

These items can get me through my days without slowing my schedule or taking the train an hour out of my way to gain access to things that make me feel like me again.

  • Do you have a "survival" pack?
  • Is the gym bag the new purse or just the new "mom" bag?
  • What's in your bag right now?