6 Things To Help You De-Stress This Weekend

OR the stress relief kit that everyone needs.
Publish date:
August 15, 2014
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Editor's Note: Happy National Relaxation Day! We hope Nubia's tips help you have an extra zen morning, noon, and night.

Being a business lady, living in a busy city, and having a time consuming job is no joke these days. I freelance a lot in social media, consulting, and as a writer. Sometimes I feel like I'm never off the clock.

It’s important for us gals (and guys) to take care of ourselves and set aside some “me” time. That is why I believe it is essential to have a stress relief kit. At least once a week you need to kick back, relax, and unplug. I usually pick either Saturday or Sunday for this ritual.

Today I’m going to share some of my key stress kit items with you. Then you can build your own kit based on your taste.

1. Lavender Bath Salts

How many of you have time to sink into a bath during the week? Not me! I'm usually in and out of the shower in a flash. But at least once a week I like to take a bath using CVS's lavender bath salts. It's so relaxing--heavenly, even. The smell of the lavender makes me feel calm and puts me in a deep state of relaxation. I also find it incredibly soothing to exfoliate at this time.

2. A Great Face Mask

When it comes to face masks, I'm a fan of anything that contains green tea antioxidants. Put it on and just lay back. You get a nice tingling sensation that puts you at ease and it’s also satisfying to know that you’re doing something great for your skin.

3. A Spa-Type Candle

Burning candles is highly therapeutic for me. Anything with eucalyptus or mint is very soothing. My favorite is the Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Candle.

4. A Good Book And Some Music

I read a study from 2009 that said reading can reduce stress by 68 percent. Music is not far behind, reducing stress levels by 61 percent. I know we all read a lot of emails and documents at work, but save room for the power of a good book.

5. Something Soothing To Drink

Green tea or a nice glass of wine usually does the trick for me. Again, green tea has some amazing benefits. It's good for lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure and it's full of antioxidants.

6. A Sweet Treat

I always keep bananas and Nutella on hand. It makes me smile and it's not too bad for me. I recently tried Vosges Super Dark Chocolate Matcha Green Tea and thought I was going to pass out from pure pleasure.

Lastly, try your best to stay off your phone! I'm still working on this one myself, but I’m getting there.

What are your "me" time essentials? Anyone read any good books lately?