I Tried That Wasabi Lip Plumper Trend So You Don't Have To

Seriously, you really do not have to do this.
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December 26, 2016
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Do you ever just look in the mirror and think to yourself, how did we end up here? That’s me today. The internet’s obsession with plumped lips isn’t something new, but somewhere along the way we ended up sucking on objects and applying household items to our face – all for that plumped pout without having to commit to Juvaderm. Plumping lip products are nothing new at all, but why spend money on something you can (apparently) easily DIY?

The latest plump-pout-challenge-craze features one of my favorite foods: wasabi. I particularly enjoy my wasabi with sushi, but it’s also great on a chicken sandwich (dilute the wasabi with mayo – you’re welcome). I have never thought of smearing it on my lips or anywhere on my body for that matter.


❤HEARTBREAKER💔 Matte lipsticks are my FAV but unfortunately I have wrinkly lips and sometimes matte lipsticks can make my lips look dry and even more wrinkly. HERE ARE 4 STEPS TO GET THE PERFECT LIQUID LIP! 1️⃣Step 1: I use WASABI to fill in all my wrinkles - YES this really works. I showed how I use it in my previous lip video (go back like 9 posts) The wasabi not only plumps my lips but it gives the illusion that Ive had fillers by filling in all my lines 2️⃣Step 2: MOISTURIZE! With a matte lip, you want to wear a moisturizer that absorbs real quick so it doesnt change the matte consistency. You knooowww I always use my @farsalicare ROSE GOLD ELIXIR 3️⃣Step 3: Use a lightweight matte lipstick - I am wearing my FAV red everrrr from @hudabeauty called HEARTBREAKER I love this formula because its very light on the lips and is super pigmented! 4️⃣Step 4: I use the #11 liner brush from @nyxcosmetics to get the PERFECT line. I *sometimes* am guilty of over-lining my lips way more than I should .. weve all done it!! So this really helps get the PERFECT lip line! I saw @s_steller_ doing this and thought it was geeenius so i had to try for myself! Best trick everrrr! 🔑TIP: work on ONE lip at a time. Sounds weird, but do your top lip or bottom lip first and let the lipstick dry, then work on the other lip. The KEY to having the best liquid lip application: DO NOT RUB your lips together until its completely 100% DRY! 🎵 Dangerous by Maddy Slay

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I’m also new to lip plumpers. Call me boring but I have a plumping lip gloss I love (Buxom Full-on Lip Polish) and I don’t even use that for its plumping effect. It’s a really sparkly gloss and it tastes amazing; I’m indifferent to the plumping effect because it doesn’t last anyway. I’m also just OK(ish) with the size of my lips as they are, so maybe that’s why I’ve never been drawn to these challenges. However, let’s take a look and see if I burn my lips off!

For reference, here’s a picture of my lips with nothing on them. They’re slightly dry, but apparently the Juvaderm-like effect from the wasabi will fight that as well. It’s an alleged win-win.

Applying wasabi to your lips isn’t that easy. Wasabi isn’t exactly creamy or spreadable. I just applied a small amount to my hand and used a brush to push it around my lips. There were also some wasabi chunks in my wasabi paste; I ate those because they wouldn’t stay on my lips.

When I was happy with the amount of the wasabi paste on my lips I just sat around for a little. I tried not to lick the wasabi off the inside of my lips, but I failed. You know the thing about wasabi? If you compare it to chilis there’s a different sort of heat — this one goes through your nose if you eat too much of it. This also happens if you put too much of it on your lips. I took my wasabi lip mask off after roughly a minute because it hurt my nose and my eyes started to tear up. It didn’t hurt my lips at all, though.

So, did it work? See for yourself

I personally don’t notice that much of a difference. My lips have swollen a little, but due to the patchy appliance my lips haven’t swollen evenly either. The parts that have swollen the most (on my bottom lip) have also turned super-red so this doesn’t look cute or natural, if you ask me. This didn’t help with the dryness of my lips AT ALL. My lips have never been drier. It’s sad. Don’t do this at home kids.

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  • Have you tried wasabi as a lip plumper?
  • Or any other weird beauty DIY?