Is A Twerkout Really A Workout?

The Vixen Workout takes booty popping to a whole new level.
Publish date:
July 17, 2014
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Remember when I attended that Beyoncé workout class? Well, one of you oh-so-lovely readers mentioned that I should check out the Vixen Workout and assured me I would have just as much fun. You ask, I do.

The Vixen Workout is exactly how it sounds: 60 minutes of booty-popping, back-bending, hips-shaking scandalousness. It's kind of like being in a Jay-Z video--BEFORE he married Bey.

Unless you twerk on the reg (like moi), this is a fun, judgement-free way to perfect your moves while getting a good workout in the process. And believe me, it is a workout.

I had barely set my bag down before the instructor commanded an eight-count warmup--with plenty of booty shaking. As I looked around, feeling a little lost and out of sync, I could spot regulars flowing to the instructions like it was pure intuition. Following their lead, I quickly found my groove.

The music was an even mix of 'hood favorites (Rick Ross, Future) and fist pumping pop (Pit Bull). Although there was an instructor, we basically just lost our minds and danced. I went so hard that I was dripping in sweat after 15 minutes. I had to look up at the ceiling to make sure the fire sprinklers hadn't gone off. That's how drenched I was.

But I didn't mind the sweat, because dropping it low (and picking it up and dropping it again) was giving me a serious cardio workout. You can burn anywhere from 400 to 600 calories during the class, which is $15.

I would definitely recommend the Vixen Workout to people who don't like going to the gym but love going to da club (or dancing at home like they're at da club). Forget happy hour. This is where you go to blow off steam after work. Dance your ass off, for real.

Would you twerk for 60 minutes in a room filled with people? What workout should I try next?