Toe Separators For High Heel Pain & Foot Deformities

YogaToes have kept my tootsies in line for years. Try them out!
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November 11, 2014
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Living the pedestrian lifestyle has its perks, among them the sights, sounds, and discoveries of an urban area that can only be seen on foot. For this reason, as well as my short-person denial (I wear at least two inches of heel every day), my feet used to be in a sorry state. Years of standing up for 12-plus hour shifts as a hairstylist and later as a cocktail waitress/bartender in said heels would render me howling by the time I got home.

Desperate to mitigate the painful effects of my fashion and career choices, I sought out anything that could ease the pain while perpetuating my illusion that I am not 5’1”.

The younger Internet back then offered a simple solution that piqued my interest: YogaToes. Eight years later, I still use this product regularly, not only to save my feet from my abuse but also to ease in pedicure execution.

Common side effects of wearing heels include pain, blisters, and greater potential for foot deformities. Bunions, hammertoes, and other foot and toe issues can be worsened drastically by poorly fitting shoes, both loose and tight. However, a proper toe stretch can keep your feet not only feeling good, but looking good.

I use Yoga Toes after a hard day on my feet, or after one of my trademark epic walks, to undo all of the clenching, curling, and weight-bearing that I put my feet through.

The silicone frame slides between each toe to provide resistance that stretches all of the toe muscles over the length of time you wear them. After about an hour, toes are renewed, stretched, and visibly more spaced out than before wear.

The silicone stretchers are washable and do not absorb smells or bacteria. I haven’t had to repurchase my Yoga Toes Toe Stretcher in what will probably end up being a full decade. Having eight years (many of them party and dance years) of foot forgiveness was worth every penny I paid for the stretchers back in 2006--a time when I had very few pennies.

If you have existing bunions or hammertoes, talk to your podiatrist about using Yoga Toes to help with pain and tension.

The stretch you feel when using them is sometimes painful and not very relaxing, but the difference felt after use is immediate and drastic.

Take the time sit back and wear Yoga Toes for 30 minutes to an hour. You can even use them in the bath. Since you can’t walk around with them on, they can force you to take a bit of "me" time.

  • How do you treat your feet after a night dancing or a long adventure day?
  • Is there anything special you do to undo bearing the weight of your body all day?

Photos by Darnell Scott