COTW, Brought to You from My Deathbed!

I'm kidding. Mostly.
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November 7, 2015
cotw, sick, comment of the week

Remember when Marci wrote about how being sick inspired her to go all-out with her makeup? Yeah, well, that has literally never happened to me, and my latest illness has been no exception.

I've had strep throat (for the millionth time) all week, and for two or three days, it was the most I could do to get out of bed to walk Doug.

Makeup has been the furthest thing from my mind all week. I'm mostly just happy that I finally found the energy to wash my hair, which was starting to become permanently stuck on-end.

In a way, it's been kind of nice to allow myself to not care about how I look for a week and take a break from my makeup. I feel very reacquainted with my bare face now, and I guess that's never a bad thing.

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. "Noa" and I definitely share a childhood beauty idol; I thought the same thing about Nani. (Although I personally would have killed to look like Posh Spice.)

This is so odd, but I idolized Nani from Lilo and Stitch. She could rock a crop top, had the most beautiful thick hair, and flaunted NORMAL AND SEXY proportions. God, I loved her. As far as people IRL go, I remember wanting to look just like Princess Diaries-era Anne Hathaway. Also, Baby Spice. I would've killed to look like Baby Spice.

2. It's OK, "Hannah O," you're not the only one making a beeline to buy GrandeLASH after Danielle's amazing results.

I can seriously blame XOvain for all my impulse beauty purchases over the last 4 months. But it's not impulse if someone else has already researched and tested! (right?? right??) ANYWAY, for those interested: Amazon currently has a nice discount on LashGrande.

3. "HeOhMahEheR" had the same reaction as the rest of us after watching the latest 100 Years of Beauty video:

I just want to say, I would do so many awful things with the man in the video. I will admit to pausing it at certain points just to look at that smile.

4. "Kate" has a nice skin mist routine that I want to copy.

I really want to go to the SK-II pop-up to determine my skin's age, but I'm also way too terrified. They're probably gonna tell me i look 45 or something, and i'll just be depressed. Of course, they could also tell me really helpful things but right now I'm feeling like, "lalala I can't hear you!" is the best approach to skin care. On the topic of spray, i like to thoroughly spray the MB Rosewater all over, then massage in some raw honey, and leave that on like a mask while i make my daughter breakfast or something. Not really what a facial spray is designed for i guess, but it's really brightening and makes me feel like a fancy bitch.

5. "Traceluna" has me dying for this particular home scent:

I love room sprays! I'm a sucker for all things Black Phoenix (their perfumes are amazing and evocative, and so are their home and bath goods). One of my favorites from Black Phoenix Trading Post's permanent collection is their House of Unquenchable Fire atmosphere spray, which is luxury incarnate to my nose. The notes are Glittering amber, frankincense, neroli, vanilla silk, and champaca.

  • How sick do you have to be before you forego makeup?
  • When was the last time you went for a week without makeup? Was it refreshing or complete torture?
  • How do you keep up with grooming and give yourself a little TLC when you're too sick to get out of bed? Do you just get someone else to help you? Doug wasn't very helpful beyond licking my face.