I'm Trying Tig Notaro's Meal Replacement and Probiotic Regimen

After an incredibly difficult period in her life, the comedian attributed these supplements to making her feel way better.
Publish date:
September 22, 2015
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Comedian Tig Notaro has had quite the life, and it keeps getting more and more interesting. She was recently a guest on Scott Auckerman’s podcast, Comedy Bang Bang, which I adore—everyone should listen to it. (It’s not actually every one's humor, so I mean, just try it out or whatever.) Tig describes herself as being "on top" now, but it wasn’t always the case. She went through a very frightening time dealing with strategies in love, family, and health.

It was when her health started to turn around that things began to feel better, and she attributed Garden of Life Raw Meal powder and probiotics for helping her health. She called it her rabbit’s foot, her security blanket.

I wanted to see what these products were all about and how they may make me feel. Sometimes, we could all use a healthy rabbit’s foot in life.

When I first moved to Chicago, I interned at a stand up comedy theater. It was a dump by all standards, but like a good bowel movement, a real comfortable and pleasant dump. I saw Reggie Watts, Jim Jeffries, and the lady of the hour Tig Notaro perform there. This was before these comedians had their own shows, before the theater claimed bankruptcy and shuttered up its dumpy doors, and before Tig went through one the most unbelievably difficult four months a person could go through. This was before she performed her famous set at the Largo in LA, which was released on Louis CK’s website and became a viral hit, and before her most recent HBO stand up special, Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted, and Netflix documentary on her life, Tig, and before Raw Meal and probiotics—but we’ll get to that soon enough.

Some of you may know Tig’s story, but let me give you the abbreviated version. In the span of four months, Tig went through a break-up, a bout of pneumonia, her mother died in a terrible and very unexpected accident, she was hospitalized for C diff (a potentially fatal bacteria that eats up your insides), and then on top of that, she was diagnosed with cancer in both breasts. I want to stress, again, that this all happened in the span of four months. That’s A LOT for a person to endure. Like, I, on the other hand, went through a break-up, a dairy intolerance, and two apartment moves in, like, eight months, and I’m barely coping. So, I can’t imagine just how trying her life experience has been.

Garden of Life sent me their different-flavored Raw Meals and two kinds of probiotics. During the week and a half that I started taking the Raw Meal and probiotic in the morning, I did feel good. The mornings I would have it, I felt full and had little to no urge to snack or mindlessly eat while at my desk, which happens, like, all the time. I even held a two-minute plank in my morning work out class—baller, right?—and my stomach felt more streamlined.

When I spoke telling my dietitian friend about the podcast and Tig's Raw Meal and probiotic enthusiasm, he didn’t knock it, but he didn’t necessarily back it either. He did tell me if one of his clients told him they were taking the powder, he wouldn’t be concerned; there’s nothing bad in the ingredient list, a list that boast over 45 organic "superfoods." But he wouldn’t necessarily recommend his clients buy it; he supports a well-rounded, balanced diet lifestyle.

As far as the probiotics go, he was of the same mindset. He said probiotics are prescribed and ordered for some patients at his hospital and that there have been many reviews and studies coming out with the benefits of good bacterial balance in your digestive tract, but fecal transplants are considered the most effective way of getting good bacteria to inhabit your intestines. So... oof. Sure. I’ll maybe save the fecal transplant trial for another time or a never time, I’m not sure yet, we’ll see.

For now, though, I’m loving the Raw Meal, so I’ll stick with this here formula. I typically use one scoop in the morning and mix it with cold, filtered water. It's a vegan powder, so I don’t have to worry about any adverse stomach issues from whey or dairy proteins, and I find myself looking forward to my next scoop.

So, thank you, Tig, and I wish you all the best.

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