8 Self-Care Tips That Make Doing Taxes a Little Less Taxing (Sorry)

Light a candle to set your money on fire so no one else can have it.
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April 14, 2016
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I did my taxes. Did you hear that, government money people? I DID MY TAXES.

It took me over five days to complete everything, but I finally finished. Some days were better from others. On the first day of my tax week, I forgot my password for TurboTax, so I listened to episodes of The Moth storytelling hour while I cried in my bed like an adult. I stubbornly refused to reach out to my dad for text/tax support, because I'm an independent, woke woman and not a cliche. But then, I did text him. Everyone needs support from loved ones, right?

It got better after that first day. Then worse, then better, and then it was just at least over. Afterwards, I sulked and made an appointment to get a fresh cut and color with money that I'm pretending I still have. Denial and procrastination are very real forces.

With that said, so is self-care. So, here are tips I've put together for all you boss babes to make getting through tax times a little less awful.

Meditate on Anything but Money In, Money Out

Just breathe. This too shall pass. At some point, this is going to be all a thing in the past. Calm your mind down. Life has a lot to offer and there are more moments to come. You may find five dollars on the ground tomorrow — who knows?

I try to meditate for 30 minutes two to three times a week at the Shambhala Center below my office. If you don't have a quiet place to retreat to, there are many podcasts you can check out.

Light a Candle and Set Your Dollar Bills on Fire So No One Can Have 'Em

One candle, if I may suggest, to burn some bills on would be Jo Malone London Red Roses. Only the most decadent candle to destroy paper money with, some would say.

This candle smells so luxe and immediately makes me think I live a life very different from the one I lead on the daily. I'm now a girl who doesn't have the slightest idea what taxes are, who lives by the seaside with secret rose gardens and moleskin notebooks filled with romantic poetry. Who wears cozy jumpers and has perfect, natural sun-kissed highlights, suitors named Clive, and a claw-foot tub. Forever yours, Jo Malone London Red Rose, I am forever yours.

Listen to a Happy Playlist

Move your body to some beats that just get you, because when TurboTax asks if you're still single and still renting, it seems a bit judgey. Yes, TurboTax, I am. I like myself this way. Please try and be happy for me.

This is when a good playlist will come in handy. Luckily, my friend has a project where she emails out one song every day and it makes me smile and improves my mood immediately. Here's a link to her Happy Song of the Day Spotify playlist that will now be available to you anytime you need a musical pick-me-up. Do your taxes to this playlist. Celebrate the completion of your taxes to this playlist. Make a happy playlist of your own to this playlist.

Write Down Your Feelings

For example, I feel like I hate doing taxes. I feel like I'm very unsure about life and financials. I feel like TurboTax is trying to be cute and bubbly while walking away with my money. I feel like I want comfort food. These are just examples. If they resonate with you, feel free to use them as jumping off points in your own journal adventures.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Put on your favorite red lip and power-pose in front of an accountant. You are strong, you are confident, you are beautiful.

MAC graciously sent me a MAC Red, so I could finally have wonderful red lip. Did you know a strong red lip gets stared at on average for seven seconds longer than an undressed lip? So, after doing my taxes, I put on a great red lip and admired myself for at the very least seven seconds longer than usual, because I'm worth it!

Stretch Your Dollars, Stretch Your Bod

Yoga, hunnies, yoga will stretch you out, release the tension in your muscles, and give you a good breather to allow you to reconnect with yourself. I recently went to a class at Yoga Six and it was wonderful. In case there is a Yoga Six near you, they informed me they are having free classes for post-tax-day relief week. If you're a first-timer to the studio, take advantage and check out a free class.

Smell Like Success (Whether Your Bank Account Agrees or Not)

Scents have the ability to trigger emotional receptors in our brain. Ease the emotions during these stressful times with lavender, for instance, which can help put you in a relaxed state. So, it maybe wouldn't hurt to wear a bit of lavender when you walk into your boss's office and request the raise you absolutely deserve.

I recommend trying Aura Cacia. They have stand-alone essential oils and mixtures like Panic Button.

Act Like Someone Who Doesn't Pay Taxes: A Child

Do something that puts you in that carefree-living zone. Remember those days? Taxes didn't even exist to you then! Take a bit of an adult time-out and act like a kid again. Draw something, play an instrument, take a beer shower. I don't know what the children are doing these days — I claim zero dependents.

Being in the world is hard. Between April's Fools Day and Tax Day, April can go kick rocks. Let's get through this month together.

  • What did you do to relieve tax stress?
  • Do you have any self-care tips to share?
  • How many beer showers do you take a month?

Photos by Oliver Al