I Love Sephora, But I Really Need to Lose My VIB Status

My beauty spending was kind of out-of-control last year.
Publish date:
February 8, 2016
shopping, sephora, h&m, rewards programs

The other day, I got an email from Sephora, welcoming me to another year of VIB perks: “To keep your VIB status through 2017,” it reminded me, “spend C$350 this year.”

Suddenly, it hit me: I need to lose my VIB status.

I had three beauty goals for 2016: 1) keep taking great care of my skin 2) use up all my skincare products, and 3) stop buying things I don't need.

Goal 2 is proceeding nicely. I started working on this back in November, when I did a total inventory of my sprawling skincare collection. Now I’m starting to see empty jars, and it feels really satisfying. My skin looks pretty good, too.

Goal 3 has been more challenging. I’ve already slipped up a couple times. Once on the Paula’s Choice website (see Goal 1) and once in the H&M perfume section.

I spent a lot of money on skincare and makeup in 2015. That’s what happens when you start writing for a beauty website! Suddenly, you’re aware of all these new products, and purchases become “research.” (I get free stuff sometimes, too, but not that often).

This year, I need to rein it in. Judging by my January spending, a full stop isn’t realistic. I’m aiming for more of a slow-down.

So how will I know when I'm successful at Goal 3? When I stop being a Sephora VIB.

Do I like being a VIB? Sure. I like that 20%-off sale and the one free shipping code. But I’m really hoping I don’t spend $350 at Sephora this year. If I’m still a VIB in 2017, I’ve probably failed at Goals 2 and 3.

I’m getting support from an unexcited source, though: the Canadian dollar keeps slipping in value, which makes shopping less appealing by the day. Suddenly, drugstore cosmetics aren’t such a good deal, and luxury beauty products are staggeringly expensive. I’m curious about e.l.f.’s $10 Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser, but I’m 40% less interested when it costs $14 CAD. Meanwhile, a fabulously indulgent $60 Cle de Peau lipstick becomes a cry for help at $97 CAD.

Ironically, this probably the easiest year ever to accidentally spend $350 at Sephora, since prices are going up for all non-Canadian goods. My salary, however, remains the same.

I miss being able to splurge, but I’m even more motivated to use up my stockpile. Will the Canadian dollar rise in value before I run out of moisturizer? Only time will tell!

  • Is this, like, normal life for an Australian or New Zealand beauty geek?
  • How are your beauty goals? Any fun failures or triumphs to share?
  • Anyone doing a #projectpan?