This Eye Mask Looks Like a Face Bra, But I've Never Slept Better

I'm willing to look like Batman to get more rest.
Publish date:
August 21, 2015
sleep, sleeping masks

Are you a light sleeper? I am. I went for a sleep study a few months back, and after getting about 40 wires taped and glued to my body, all they could tell me was something along the lines of, “Well, maybe you’re just a bad sleeper.”


One of the first things friends find out about me is that I have an absolutely horrendous sleep schedule. I’m also always tired. And since modern medicine isn’t exactly playing ball, I decided to figure out the basics of my “sleep hygiene” on my own.

For me, this was broken down into three rules:

1. Don’t always hang out in your bedroom. I know this is hard, especially if you have roommates or live in a bachelor, but try your best to separate your sleep area from your work area. Apparently, our minds won’t “switch off” as easily in an area you associate with stress/work, which is nice to know when you live in a glorified shoebox. I do my best.

2. Turn your phone on silent at night. Trust me, your alarm will still go off in the morning. Nothing good happens in the middle of the night anyway. That text can wait until morning.

3. Wear a sleep mask. Oh, you better believe it.

No, not a mask for your skin. A mask that blocks out light from your eyes. And oddly enough, this is what has helped the most.

It’s not licensed as such, but this moulded sleep mask definitely gives me Batman vibes. It also sort of looks like a bra for your face. Regardless, the damn thing works. (Just Google search "molded sleep mask" for one you like.)

It’s quite large on me, but I have a puny head. It fits perfectly on my boyfriend, and probably just as great on people with normal, human-sized heads. There’s a velcro strap on the back, so you can adjust how tight or loose you want it. Even I can get this thing snug thanks to that little feature.

The area around your nose is completely covered, blocking out any light coming in (something traditional sleep masks definitely don’t do). The cupped shape over each eye allows you to open your eyes at any given moment without that gross, squished feeling that happens with regular sleep masks. Crushed eyelashes? No thanks.

My sleep isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely improved since I bought this mask. I find I actually sleep through the night a lot more often when I don’t have the morning light blinding me at 6am, and having your eyes covered sort of takes away the need to always be on alert. It helps me chill out, and just focus on sleep, which is more than I ever expected from a cheap little sleep mask.

  • What’s helps you sleep better?
  • Do you use any of those sleep apps?
  • Are you into looking like Batman and sleeping better?