5 Thoughtful Self-Care Gifts for the Different Mom Types in Your Life

Mothers can come in many packages and establish various relationships with you, and they each deserve some Me Time.
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May 6, 2016
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There's the birth mama and then there's the teacher you called Mom once by accident in fourth grade. There's the home-away-from-home mother, the best friend who is now a new mom, the best friend herself, the stepmother, the adoptive mother, the work mom, the Queen Mother, Mother Earth, the mother who now wants to be a grandmother mom, etc.

We have a lot of different mother figures in our lives, and they can be strong, inspiring, powerful, and mentoring in whatever versions of mother you subscribe to.

Our collective image of what a mother is and what a mother looks like is changing and progressing and molding into a new shape. The narrative of the perfect, loving biological mother as the One True Mother no longer exists as the only form that engages in the larger sense of motherhood. Mothers can come in many packages and establish various relationships with you. Whether it's your birth mama or your Instagram "Mom," there's a tribute to be had for all motherly love and female figures.

So, with Mother's Day happening this weekend, let's run through some of the types of mamas in your life and what gifts you can give them on Sunday — or anytime of the year — as a token of your appreciation.


Mama & me. #tbt

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The Workout Mom

She's always working out and working it out all at the same time. She exercises her brain, body, and rights. She inspires you to find strength in your physical, mental, and emotional body.

Get her the workout accessories she needs to cool down post workout. She deserves to roll out that strong bod and relieve the tension built up from breaking down societal barriers and raising up stronger individuals.

The Boss Mom

Forget your work wife. Let's talk about your work mom. You know, your career mentor. The woman who selflessly helps you navigate the career terrain. The woman who has taught you how to be fearless, how to negotiate, how to not only excel, but use Excel sheets, how to not include "sorry" and "just" in your professional emails.

Maybe don't spend Sunday knocking on her door and handing her a gift — or maybe do, I don't know your life or hers — BUT you can also give a little professional gift on a professional day (weekdays) to show your appreciation, like a candle they can light at home during their downtime.

The Instagram Mom

Give them a heart emoji on their sweet pics of mamas and babies on Sunday. They will love the love.

Close To Your Heart, But Not To Your House Mom

For the lady who loves you and gave you so much guidance throughout your life, but you're no longer near one another physically, I personally used the Giftgram app. It's an app that allows you to scroll through various curated gifts items for certain occasions, people, or price ranges. You choose the gift you'd like to send to someone, put their name and phone number down, and then a text is sent to the recipient notifying them a gift is coming their way!

It was extremely easy. I sent my mom a David Tea's starter set. She told me she loved me. Everything worked like a charm.

Every Lady In Your Life Mom

There are so many strong, amazing women in my life and they all deserve the best. Some are mothers with children, some are friends who have mothered me, some are boss women I work with and learn from, and one is my mom — and each and every one of them deserve to have a moment with themselves, an at-home spa day. I recommend drawing a hot bath with lavender epsom salts, essential oils, a Glossier Galaxy Pack mask, and meditation-friendly music. Perfection.

I'm proud of all you women out there. Good job, ladies.

  • Who are the mom type in your life?
  • Are you seeing any of them on Sunday?