Self-Care After Surgery: 5 Things That Are Getting Me Through

These recovery essentials are helping me stay fresh while I can't keep up my normal routine.
Publish date:
March 9, 2015
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Regular xoVain readers know that I was recently in a car accident that left me unable to get around as easily I'd like to. After a few weeks at home, I was constantly reaching for these five items to keep myself feeling refreshed.

One of the things that has been a big adjustment since the accident is not being able to take regular showers.

With a broken ankle, I’m not able to get my leg wet because of the cast/boot that I have to wear. I’m also not allowed to put weight on it, so there really isn’t a way for me to take a shower or bath without running the risk of falling or causing further injury. I’m still able to do bucket baths, but not as regularly as I would like. As such, baby wipes and cleansing wipes have been absolutely essential to helping me feel my best.

With the accident also came some assorted scrapes and bruises, the worst being a pretty gnarly seat belt burn.

With its thick consistency and extremely moisturizing properties, Aquaphor Healing Ointment helped the healing process tremendously. I also experienced super dry skin on my legs and lips, which I remedied with Aquaphor, used as a sort of overnight mask.

For daytime I like to go a little lighter product-wise, so I swapped the Aquaphor with Dior Crème de Rose lip balm to hydrate my lips and Nivea Crème for my hands, arms, and legs.

Crème de Rose is such a perfect middle ground texture between a thick lip mask and Vaseline. It’s smooth and ultra-hydrating, and I’m obsessed. The Nivea Crème is really moisturizing without being too greasy or heavy.

My final recovery staple is plain old hand sanitizer.

I can’t really get in and out of my parents' bathroom very easily, so using the restroom and hand-washing has been a bit of a challenge. Luckily my very wonderful friend Megan bought me this sanitizer (in addition to the Nivea Crème, magazines, and lipstick) so I can keep my hands clean.

These things are so simple, and yet have gone a long way in helping me to feel better each day.

  • What are your self-care essentials when you're on the mend?
  • Any suggestions for making myself feel more like myself while I'm healing?